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Discover Celestetic's complete range of professional beauty care equipment. Innovative, effective equipment for face and body, designed for beauty care professionals.


Professional focused ultrasound unit (hifu)

Non-invasive technique to perform non-surgical facelifts and damage adipocytes to reduce the volume of subcutaneous fat



Photobiomodulation lamp

Phototherapy, also known as photostimulation, helps diminish skin imperfections, including skin aging, pigmentation, etc.

Aquapeel II

Micro dermabrasion device

AquaPeel is designed to deeply cleanse the skin. Dead skin cells, oil and blackheads are vacuumed away, while moisturizing lotions are infused.

this is a non-invasive method of cleansing, moisturizing and revitalizing the face. It combines cleansing, moisturizing, anti-ageing, clearing and antioxidant protection.

It's a non-invasive method for cleansing, moisturizing and revitalizing the face.

type of care

nettoyage, hydratation, anti-âge

treated areas

visage, cou, décolleté


un teint éclatant, hydraté et purifié

EpilPro II

Laser diode permanent hair removal device

&Equipped with a water-cooling system and sapphire tip, the EpilPro II uses Diode Laser technology, which is the most reliable, stable, safe and effective for permanent hair removal: between 20 and 40 million shots. Clinically proven, it is virtually painless, with no social eviction or side effects.

type of care

épilation définitive

treated areas

toutes les parties du corps


jusqu'à 95% des poils définitivement détruits


pressotherapy solution


upskin II

Fractionated multipolar radiofrequency device

Safely heats the deep layers of the skin to produce new collagen fibers.

type of care

radiofréquence multipolaire fractionnée

treated areas

visage et corps


Peau plus ferme et plus lisse


Automatique microneedler

Product Quality

Ingredients whose efficacy has been scientifically proven

Professional Training

For perfect mastery of techniques

Compliance with European Standards

Devices and products designed in compliance with European laws and standards

Solid and Quality Support

We accompany you in the long term and remain attentive to your needs

BodyPerfect III

Palpate-Roll and Radiofrequency

The Body Perfect III treats all areas with excess fat or skin slackening, thanks to an exclusive innovation.

Meso+ II

Electrical mesotherapy device

L’électro-mésothérapie allows optimal pétration of the active ingredients contained in highly dosed sés with a real beneficial effect for the skin.


Professional DPL-RF permanent hair removal

EPILIGHT, thanks to its new DPL technology, offers you a major advance in light-based deactivation.

IceSlim III

Cryolipolysis device

The cooling system goes down to -9°C to attack fatty deposits deep down.

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