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IceSlim IV, the cryolipolysis device for cold slimming

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Machine de Cryolipolyse

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Transform your body with the amazing results of cryolipolysis!

IceSlim IV will exceed all your expectations, with its cutting-edge innovations ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.



Unrivalled power and efficiency down to -10°C over the entire vacuumed surface


Intuitive touch interface and innovative self-cleaning system


Tailor-made treatment by choosing the handle, temperature, treatment time and suction power

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The recommended rate for a single session is €280.

Cryolipolysis 2.0

a revolutionary operating mode

Re-discover cryolipolysis with IceSlim IV and its cutting-edge technology. This well-known technique for destroying fat using cold consists of crystallizing fat in fat cells (adipocytes) in order to destroy these cells (apoptosis). But our device goes even further to offer you even greater efficacy and performance by combining 2 technological innovations for an ultra-efficient treatment:

<1/ Hot-cold alternation which allows the area to be pre-treated by liquefying the fat to facilitate its subsequent congestion. This makes it possible to act on all morphologies.

2/ A three-dimensional à 360°cooling surface that offers inégalées power and efficiency up to -10°C across the entire suction surface, targeting even the deepest fat deposits.

Everything you need to know about cryolipolysis
a revolutionary operating mode

Double action exclusive

two-step efficiency

If IceSlim IV delivers impressive results that are comparable to those of surgical liposuction, it's thanks to its dual action in 2 steps:

<1/ Immediately: Some of the fat cells are affected immediately during treatment and will be discharged by the lymphatic system within a few days.

2/ After the treatment:Another part of the fat will naturally self-detoxify, and then be progressively eliminated by the liver after a few weeks.

The result? An immediately slimmed-down silhouette followed by gradual, long-lasting slimming 

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two-step efficiency

A completely new, exclusive design

New treatment handles

Give your customers a whole new experience with unrivalled results

  • Maximum safety: no risk of breakage or wear thanks to new design and silicone coating
  • .
  • Ergonomic shape: pleasant care without any discomfort or pain for the customer
  • .
  • Ease of use: no need for a membrane thanks to the soft silicone coating and easy maintenance thanks to the self-cleaning system
  • .
  • Optimum efficiency: 360° cold diffusion and choice of temperature from -10°C to +42°C
  • .
  • Customization: 3 different cryode sizes to adapt perfectly to your customers' silhouettes
  • .

New treatment handles

Proven effectiveness

Impressive results

Cryolipolysis combined with a healthy lifestyle and a little exercise offers remarkable results that are comparable to surgical liposuction!

Here are the results obtained after just 2 sessions over 3 months: 

  • Net improvement in skin appearance
  • .
  • Firming of the treated area
  • Visible reduction in cellulite and orange-peel skin
  • .


Volume reduction in the treated area


Reduced waist circumference

Remarkable efficiency

  • Localized fat reduction
  • Elimination of orange peel skin
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Improved blood circulation


Our state-of-the-art technology

Exclusive power

Suction up to 80 kPa with no loss of power, even when using all 4 handles simultaneously

Optimal three-dimensional cooling

The entire vacuumed surface is cooled to the same temperature to destroy even the deepest grease deposits.

Our state-of-the-art technology

Unprecedented hot-cold alternation

Variable temperature from -10 to 42°C for incomparable effectiveness on all types of fat and all morphologies.

Maximum safety

No risk of burns or injury thanks to the new design and silicone coating. No pain or discomfort during treatment thanks to the completely redesigned ergonomic shape of our 6 handles.

Technical data

Cooling temperature Down to -10°C
Heating temperature Up to 42°C
Aspiration 0 - 85 kPa
Duration of treatment 60-80 minutes
Poids net 99 Kg
Power 1200 VA
Water flow 0-3 L/min
Handles 6 Handles (2x 100mm, 2x150mm, 2x200mm)
Zones Abdomen, arms, thighs, love handles, buttocks, knees, back, hips
Entretien Self-cleaning function

The benefits of this treatment

  • Commercial Attractiveness

    Attracts a broader customer base, both male and female, and offers exceptional profitability.

  • Versatility and efficiency

    Adaptable to all morphologies, meeting a wide range of customer needs and clinically proven effective.

  • Safety and Comfort

    Care without discomfort or pain and minimization of side effects.

  • Visible results

    Immediately visible slimming from the very first session, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Little or no recovery time

    Allows immediate resumption of daily activities.

  • Adaptability

    Customization of treatments to meet the unique needs of each customer.

What our customers say

Hundreds of institutes place their trust in us.

Impressive results

The results obtained with this device are so impressive! With IceSlim and a healthy diet, my customers get the results they've been waiting for!

— Alizée R

Powerful and easy to use

I'm impressed by the power and ease of use of the IceSlim, in 10 minutes my client is installed and I can perform other treatments on other clients during her treatment time, super profitable!

— Valentine V

My customers love

Having had bad experiences with cryolipolysis, I was reluctant to launch it in my institute. When I heard about IceSlim IV and its innovative safety features, I immediately asked to be contacted, and I was right! Now it's the star treatment in my salon! Clients love it!

— Véronique D

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