Multi-Techniques facial treatment

The first fully customizable facial treatment

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Peels 2.0

Peels designed to maximize skin benefits while minimizing side effects

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With the Ice Slim II

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Celestetic is the first belgian medi-aesthetic laboratory

Our mission is to combine technological innovations with scientific advances to bring to market products and professional solutions that are truly effective for the skin. Without false promises, without telling stories. With transparency and honesty.

Professional trainings

For a perfect mastery of the technics

Products quality

Ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven by science

Serious and careful follow-up

We accompany you on the long term and remain at your disposal for all your needs.

Compliance with European standards

Devices and products designed in compliance with European laws and standards

Our professional solutions

Customers Reviews

It's been two years since I chose to work with celestetic, I wanted to say thank you for this great collaboration. Indeed, you are very reactive to all my requests, and I found in your company a real partner to develop my institute. Finally the quality of your products is just at the top. My customers are delighted and so am I.

For those who are looking for quality, efficiency, impeccable service, results and something unique that will differentiate you from your peers, with Celestetic you are at the right address.

I chose Celestetic! Believe me, after having tested many treatments and cosmetic products, I am really bluffed not only by the active ingredients and the protocol of these two treatments but especially by the results, incredible!

We really have an answer to all skin problems and I am satisfied with the results.

Our cosmeceuticals

All our cosmeceuticals s are formulated and manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories in Italy.

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