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Wrinkles, spots, lack of firmness ... What if you could do something about these imperfections, which become more apparent with age? With Microneedling at a beauty salon, you can effectively address multiple skin problems. The technique allows the natural production of collagen and elastin to be reactivated, resulting in younger looking skin and all without surgery!

For a beautician, it is a simple and risk-free way to offer visible and lasting results to her clients. Microneedling is also ideal for men, to fill in an irregular beard or to treat hair loss.



What is microneedling?

Professional microneedling is a method of natural skin regeneration through biophysical and chemical stimulation. Using a pen equipped with several micro-needles, the beautician or dermatologist creates multiple micro-perforations on the epidermis, which will have an effect on many skin problems. Microneedling is an extremely effective method to fight against the signs of ageing such as skin slackening or wrinkles, but also against imperfections such as pigmentation spots.

The first uses of microneedling date back to antiquity as the technique was already used in traditional Chinese medicine. At that time, microneedling was not only appreciated for its results on wrinkles and scars, but the Chinese also conferred health benefits in general.


How does professional microneedling work?

This technique has a proven double effectiveness: the stimulation of cell regeneration and the optimization of the rate of absorption of the active ingredients. The micro-needles will induce a healing process that will activate the natural production of the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres. The micro-channels will allow a better bioavailability of the active ingredients in the heart of the skin.

It is a non-invasive, painless technique with no side effects. We then observe an accelerated natural cellular regeneration. This is called biophysical (mechanical) stimulation. This technique does not cause any damage to the surface of the skin.


With which products can microneedling be used?

Thanks to the micro-channels created, the skin absorbs the active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin. Microneedling significantly increases the rate of absorption of the active ingredients contained in the serums. It is advisable to use serums specially designed for use with the microneedling technique, in order to avoid any undesirable reactions.

At celestetic, the C-EM range has been designed and developed specifically to work with electroporation and microneedling. These serums are highly dosed in active ingredients with a real effect on the skin. Each serum can be used to treat a specific problem. The beautician can proceed with the zonning method, or mapping, and use a different serum according to the area of the face, to act even more precisely.

What are the effects of microneedling?

As we have explained, micro-needling needles allow cell regeneration and the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The anti-ageing effect of microneedling is therefore certain. Indeed, collagen is responsible for the suppleness of our tissues, and confers hydration properties.

On the body, microneedling also visibly reduces stretch marks.



  • Sagging skin
  • Rides
  • Pigment stains, age stains
  • Recent and old scars
  • Dilated pores
  • Imperfections
  • Stretch marks
  • Alopecia, hair loss, loss of hair density
  • Lion's wrinkles or nasolabial fold.


Results with a microneedling session

  • Tightened pores
  • Visibly smoother and softer skin
  • Visible reduction of pigmentation spots, age spots
  • Imperfections, visible result about 4 weeks after the first session.
  • Hair regrowth, improvement of hair density
  • Visible impact on wrinkles
  • Less visible stretch marks

Résultat après une séance de microneedling


Results after one session @atelieresthetiquefrance


Results after one session of microneedling combined with peelings 2.0 @atelieresthetiquefrance

Les avantages de l'appareil de microneedling professionnel


Anyone can use a Dermaroller at home to use the microneedling technique, with a suitable serum. But the micro needles of the roller will go less deeply into the epidermis and the effects will be less impressive than with a professional microneedling session in an institute. The professional microneedling device is usually in the form of a pen equipped with micro-needles.
It is an "easy" treatment to perform. At celestetic, the C-Pen, a professional microneedling device, comes in the form of a light and handy pen. It is cordless, automatic and rechargeable. For the customer, it is a painless treatment, which does not involve any side effects, without any period of social eviction after care.

In contrast to peels and laser, microneedling has been shown to treat dark skin without causing depigmentation of the skin by burning.

What prices to charge?

This is also an advantage. A professional microneedling session lasts on average 30 minutes, for which you can ask up to 100€. Of course, it is up to you to estimate the price to be practiced, depending on your location and your usual clientele.

You can also offer package deals. The repetition of the sessions allows you to obtain a more and more impressive result, and in the long term. Celestetic advises around 450€ for a package of 6 microneedling sessions.

Description of a professional microneedling session in an institute

A diagnosis of the client's skin must be made prior to the session. You listen and distinguish the client's needs, determine her skin type and the different problems that need to be targeted.
Then proceed with make-up removal and skin cleansing, before performing a scrub or hydro-microdermabrasion to remove dead skin and impurities from the skin surface.
You then apply the serum adapted to the skin type and the problem to be treated, before adjusting the depth of the needle and the speed of treatment according to the client's skin type and the area you wish to work on.


Enhance the effects of microneedling with photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulationstimulates the activity of skin cells. In contact with light, they enter into resonance. The agitation caused by the absorption of light energy then causes cellular stimulation and allows the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Used after a microneedling session,la LED allows to insist on the problems that have been targeted, to soothe the skin and optimize the effectiveness of the care.   


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