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Hydromicrodermoabrasion, sometimes referred to as hydradermabrasion, has rapidly established itself as the facial care method of choice, revolutionizing the traditional skin cleansing routine. Unlike the classic exfoliation methods that still dominate many beauty salons, hydromicrodermoabrasion offers a much gentler, more skin-friendly approach. This innovative treatment combines the efficacy of deep exfoliation with moisturizing and regenerating benefits, offering a complete treatment suited to a variety of skin types. But what exactly are these advantages that set it apart from other techniques? In the following article, we'll explore these aspects in detail, highlighting the reasons why hydromicrodermoabrasion has become an indispensable part of modern facial care routines.

Focus on an essential skincare routine

The first crucial step in any facial is a thorough cleansing of the skin. In the past, the use of a cleansing milk followed by an exfoliant was the norm to prepare the skin. However, technological advances have brought more sophisticated and effective methods for deep cleansing. These innovations make it possible to penetrate the epidermis and pores more intensively, to remove impurities, blackheads, comedones and make-up residues with precision. Among these advances, hydromicrodermabrasion stands out. Inspired by the techniques of médi-esthétique and highly acclaimed by British cosmeticians, this method is now widely adopted by aestheticians and skin therapists. It has become an everyday tool in beauty cabins and institutes, offering remarkable results in skin purification and rejuvenation.



  Dermabrasion Hydromicrodermabrasion
Exfoliation method Uses crystals (such as aluminum oxide) or a diamond tip to exfoliate the surface layers of the skin mechanically. This exfoliation removes dead skin cells, revealing a fresher, healthier bottom layer.

Combines mécanic exfoliation with the use of pressurized water and air. This method is gentler than traditional microdermabrasion because it doesn't use abrasive particles.

Hydration and skin care Focuses primarily on exfoliation and does not incorporate moisturizing ingredients into the process. Intègre hydration into the treatment by simultaneously infusing the skin with moisturizing sérums during exfoliation. This helps hydrate the skin, making it ideal for sensitive or dehydrated skin types.
For sensitive skin

May be too abrasive for sensitive skin, potentially leading to more redness and irritation.

More gentle and better tolerated by sensitive skin due to its moisturizing action and less aggressive exfoliation process.

Results and side effects

May cause temporary redness and tightness of the skin after treatment, necessitating a recovery period.

Side effects are generally milder, with faster recovery. Customers can often return to their normal activities immediately after treatment.


There are four types of microdermabrasion:

  • Oxygen dermabrasion: using a powerful jet of oxygen to target the skin, the skin is infused with lotions and micro-bubbles that have a moisturizing and antibacterial effect.
  • Diamond dermabrasion: the top layer of skin is limed with the diamond treatment tip. Dead skin cells and impurities are simultaneously vacuumed away.
  • Crystal dermabrasion: this technique also vacuums the skin. At the same time, microscopic crystals are projected onto the skin's surface, staining skin cells and removing them.
  • Hydro-microdermabrasion: this treatment infuses the skin with nourishing lotions for a moisturizing, revitalizing and cleansing effect.


  Microdermabrasion with crystals Microdermabrasion à diamond tip Hydromicrodermabrasion
Functioning Projection of micro-crystals of aluminum oxide at very high speed onto the skin to exfoliate it. Abrasion réalis;e à l’aide d’une pièce à main with laser-cut diamond tips. Utilizes a gentle mechanical action by suction, coupled with a chemical action thanks to the use of highly concentrated special solutions.
  • Effectiveness; irregular, depending on the quality of the device and the quality of the crystals. Crystals are often left on the skin.
  • The abrasivity of the crystals may be too great, leading to inflammation of the skin due to the irregular shape of the crystals.
  • Coût important à cause of consumables (crystal refills)
  • Effectiveness; irregular, depending on the pressure exerted by the operator, the risk of skin irritation is high and the results are variable.
  • Risks. Impossibility of treating fine, sensitive skin, skin that has been woven black (risk of pigmentation) and certain sensitive areas such as the eye contour.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Low device cost (but high diamond tip costs).
  • Constant efficiency thanks to automatic, customizable water bit and suction power. Instant and long-lasting results.
  • Low-risk, ideal for sensitive, woven or black skin and delicate areas such as the scalp or eye area.
  • Low consumables cost and cost-effectiveness.


What is hydromicrodermabrasion

Hydromicrodermabrasion is a skincare method that combines gentle exfoliation with deep hydration. Developed as an advance on traditional microdermabrasion, this technique uses water as an exfoliating medium, reducing the abrasiveness of the treatment. Since its introduction at the beginning of the 21st century, it has rapidly gained in popularity thanks to its remarkable results and compatibility with a variety of skin types.

In contrast to traditional microdermabrasion, which uses abrasive particles to remove dead skin cells, hydromicrodermabrasion is much less aggressive, making the treatment suitable even for sensitive skin. The effectiveness of this method lies in its ability to deeply purify pores while stimulating collagen production, essential for healthy, rejuvenated skin.


How ça works ?

Did you know that the skin renews itself every 28 days? Hydro-microdermabrasion can help. By sucking out dead skin cells, the production of new skin cells is stimulated. The result: healthy, radiant, soft, cleansed skin.

His suction, based on water and microbubbles, is a combination of non-invasive procedures. They enable deep cleansing by exfoliating and extracting impurities, dead skin, blackheads, comedones and keratin residues from hair follicles. The hair follicles are then moisturized and nourished, restoring the skin's softness and clarity.

Why « micro »? It’s a light, non-invasive dermabrasion treatment with no recovery period, allowing customers to get on with their day after treatment.


Who is hydromicrodermabrasion for?

Hydromicrodermabrasion, as a skin care technique, is particularly effective in treating a variety of skin problems on the body, face and scalp:

  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines 
  • Pores Dilatés
  • Dull skin 
  • Tâches
  • Texture irrégulière
  • Acne and Acne Scars
  • Oily Skin 
  • Dry, dehydrated skin
  • Hair loss 
  • Irritated scalp;
  • Stretch marks


Is it suitable for all skin types?

Hydromicrodermabrasion is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin! All you need to do is adapt the treatment and lotions to the skin problem you're going to treat.


What lotion to choose for hydromicrodermabrasion?

To offer an exceptional treatment we recommend working with 3 different lotions:

  1. A détoxifying lotion : This first étape is crucial to preéparing the skin. Choose a lotion that uses an effective formula combining glycolic acid and aloe vera. Its aim is to cleanse the skin thoroughly, removing dead cells, make-up residues and pollutants. It's the foundation of healthy skin, ready to receive the following treatments.

  2. A purifying lotion:The second step focuses on targeted skin treatment. Thanks to a solution rich in niacinamide and chlorhexidine, this lotion effectively purifies the skin. It can be applied all over the face or locally, such as on the T-zone, according to the skin's specific needs.

  3. An anti-oxidant lotion: The third and final step is designed to tone and protect the skin. With a powerful blend of vitamin C and thioctic acid, this lotion acts as a shield against external aggressors such as the sun, stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits. It helps restore the radiance of dull complexions, offering a flawless finish and long-lasting protection.

Each step of this protocol is designed to harmoniously complement one another, offering a complete and effective skincare regimen tailored to a wide range of skin types and needs.


Does hydrodermabrasion have a resurfaçant  effect?

&Since this technique not only cleanses, but also acts on various skin problems, hydro-microdermabrasion also has a resurfacing effect on the skin! According to aestheticians, it's the ideal anti-acne treatment for the face, as it treats fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates skin renewal. People with acne-prone skin also notice a big difference.


What are the results?

The results of hydromicrodermabrasion are generally positive and visible, contributing to its success and growing popularity. Here are the main results users can look forward to:

  1. Improved skin texture : One of the most immediate results is smoother, softer skin. Exfoliation removes dead cells from the surface, leaving skin fresher and more radiant.
  1. Reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles : Thanks to the stimulation of collagen production, users can observe a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a firmer, younger look.
  1. Diminishing hyperpigmentation : Hydromicrodermabrasion can help à atté age spots, sun spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation, leading à a more even complexion.
  1. Pore size reduction : The treatment helps à deep cleanse pores, which can reduce their appearance and leave skin with a smoother, more refined appearance.
  1. Treatment of Acne and Acne Scars: For those with moderate acne, hydromicrodermabrasion can help manage acne breakouts and reduce the appearance of acne scars.
  1. Hydration Amélior;e: The infusion of moisturizing sérums during the treatment ensures deep hydration, leaving skin hydrated and revitalized.
  1. Peau Plus Éclatante: The treatment improves blood circulation to the skin's surface, which can result in a natural, healthy glow.
  1. Preventing and reducing hair loss: Hydromicrodermabrasion stimulates blood circulation and deeply cleanses the scalp, strengthening hair follicles to prevent hair loss.
  1. Visible reduction in stretch marks:This method improves skin elasticity and texture, visibly attracting stretch marks by stimulating collagen production.


It's important to note that results may vary from person to person depending on various factors, such as skin type, age, pre-existing skin conditions, and the number of treatments performed. For optimal results, it is recommended to follow the advice of a skin health professional and adhere to a regular treatment schedule.

Patients who undergo hydromicrodermabrasion treatments often report significant improvements in their skin. Statistics indicate a high level of satisfaction among users, with studies showing that over 90% of patients observe a noticeable improvement in their skin after a series of treatments.


What treatments can be combined with hydromicrodermabrasion?

After hydro-microdermabrasion, it is possible to perform a number of facial treatments: microneedling, exfoliation, photobiomodulation / photothérapie or even mésothérapie. After dermabrasion, the skin is as good as new, making it ready for subsequent treatments. At Celestetic, we have developed a complete facial that can be adapted to every skin type and every problem. It is a multi-technique treatment consisting of 4 steps: hydro-microdermabrasion, exfoliations, microneedling and finally photothérapie/photobiomodulation.


Is it painful ?

No, your customer won't feel any pain! If there is pain, it means that the suction is too strong in relation to the thickness of the customer's skin.


What are the contraindications?

Caution. Although the treatment is suitable for all skin tones and different skin types, hydro-microdermabrasion is not suitable for hypersensitive skin that has, for example, undergone roaccutane treatment. Nor can it be applied to scars that are too deep or hypertrophic!

The contraindications to hydromicrodermabrasion are rare but not non-existent. Here are the main contraindications:

  • Active skin infections 
  • Recently Formed Scars
  • Inflamed skin
  • Acné Sévère 
  • Sensitive skin conditions 
  • Users of Medicines Affecting the Skin 
  • Allergies Aux Composants Utilisés 
  • Très Fine or Fragile Skin 
  • pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • dermabrasion (médical) récente
  • Botox or Hyaluronic acid injections (wait 1 month)
  • taking anticoagulants, corticoïdes or’anti-inflammatory drugs, 
  • chronic, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hiv
  • dermatoses or psoriasis
  • FUE or FUT implants

Globally, hydromicrodermabrasion is recognized for its high level of safety and low risk of side effects, making it a preferred option for those seeking a gentle, non-invasive method to improve the appearance and health of their skin.

How much does a séance  cost?

This treatment is very popular these days, and prices in Paris salons can go up to 300 euros. Of course, prices depend on the client, supply and demand. Overall, you can expect to pay around 90 euros per session for a complete treatment.

The introduction of hydromicrodermabrasion in your institute presents significant potential for profitability. Firstly, because of its increasing popularityand its ability to treat a variety of skin problems, this treatment attracts a broad customer base, increasing revenue opportunities. What's more, thanks to visible results and satisfied customers, there's a high probability of repeat appointments, contributing to a regular and visible revenue stream.

The initial cost of the equipment can be quickly offset by the relatively high price of the treatment, making the investment profitable in the short to medium term. What's more, hydromicrodermabrasion requires few consumables and maintenance, keeping operating costs low. By combining these factors with effective marketing strategies and quality customer service, hydromicrodermabrasion can become one of the most profitable and sought-after treatments in your service offering. 

Example of profitability: 


Coût d’une séance

Coût of lotions/séance

No. of séance / week

Monthly sales

Repayable equipment;

Low activity





1.5 months

Medium activity





3 weeks

High activity





2 weeks

Activité très forte





1.5 weeks


*for illustrative purposes only


The benefits of hydromicrodermabrasion 

For the esthetician

With a treatment like this, you can attract a very broad customer target: men, women, young and older, with all skin problems. It's an extremely cost-effective treatment that can be carried out at any time of year, even in the middle of summer.

For the customer

Hydromicrodermabrasion is painless and requires no social interaction after treatment. Results are visible immediately after treatment. For young skin, this is the ideal preventive treatment to prevent and delay skin aging.

In brief

Hydromicrodermabrasion offers several key benefits:

  • Adaptability to all skin types: It is suitable even for sensitive skin, while more abrasive treatments may be contraindicated.
  • Lower side-effects: Less redness, irritation and recovery time compared to conventional microdermabrasion.
  • Polyvalence: Effective against a wide range of skin problems, including fine lines, age spots, blemishes, and even acne.
  • immediate, long-lasting results: visible improvement in skin texture and condition from the very first application.



Why is it absolutely necessary to offer this treatment at your institute?

  • Polyvalence and Efficacy; : This treatment offers varied and significant results, such as improving skin texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing age spots and blemishes, and treating moderate acne. It can be adapted to various skin types, meeting a wide range of your customers' needs
  • .
  • Safety and Comfort : With minimal side effects and a high tolerance even for sensitive skin, hydromicrodermabrasion is a safe and comfortable choice for customers.
  • Visible results: Customers often notice an immediate improvement in their skin, which can increase satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Technologie Avancée: By offering hydromicrodermabrasion, you show that your institute uses cutting-edge technologies and innovative treatments.
  • Little or no R&eacute time: This allows customers to resume their daily activities immediately, which is a major plus for many customers.
  • Adaptability; : Treatments can be customized to each customer's specific needs, offering a tailor-made approach to skin care.
  • Commercial Attractiveness : Offering treatments like hydromicrodermabrasion can attract a wider customer base offers exceptional profitability.

In reality, hydromicrodermabrasion is a welcome addition to any beauty salon, offering an effective, safe and customizable treatment that meets the varied needs of customers, while underlining your salon's commitment to quality and innovative skin care.


Déroulé type d'un soin

Performing a treatment with the device is very simple. First of all, you need to attach the appropriate lotion to the back of the device. Next, attach the collection bottle to the unit. Two parameters then need to be set: suction force (suction) and flow strength (flow). Treatment can now begin. To treat small areas, such as the nose, mouth or between the eyebrows, it is advisable to use the small nozzle, and for larger areas the larger nozzles. After treatment, you can show your customer all the impurities in the collection bottle. For example, dandruff, sebum or blackheads. It gives customers a great deal of satisfaction to see this after a treatment. 



Is hydromicrodermabrasion suitable for personal use?

Despite the growing number of devices sold for home use, they are not as safe and effective as the professional equipment used by estheticians and skin therapists. Thanks to the success of this facial treatment, dermabrasion is also sold in the form of a smaller, easy-to-use device. To your customers, this may seem like the ideal solution to replace your facial treatment, but nothing could be further from the truth. These devices often don't offer the required safety, they suck up too much or too little of the epidermis, they don't use nourishing lotions to infuse the skin, only water, and they are no substitute for a professional microdermabrasion session.


Looking for a professional hydromicrodermabrasion device?

At Celestetic we specialize in the development of non-invasive médi-esthetic techniques. That's why we've developed a hydromicrodermabrasion machine with specialists from the medical and aesthetic worlds, as well as a team of experienced engineers, to offer you the very best in science and technology.

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