BodyShape EMT.

Electromagnetic muscle stimulation

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With Bodyshape EMT, offer a new technology to your customers to act on the muscles while reducing fat mass.

EMT (electromagnetic muscular stimulation) technology is revolutionary because it uses high intensity focused electromagnetic waves to stimulate the muscles of the body and lose localized fat.  

The process is non-invasive and painless and suitable for all beauty professionals.

More details

  • For who?
    Men and women
  • Treatment zone
    All parts of the body whose muscles the client wishes to strengthen or tone: the abdominal muscles, buttocks, arms, back, etc.

Technologie EMT

The EMT bodyshape uses high intensity focused electromagnetic waves to stimulate the muscles of the body and lose fat. An electromagnetic field is sent non-invasively through the body and generates a multitude of extremely dense and involuntary muscle contractions.

Muscle tissue adapts and reorganizes itself deeply, leading to muscle gain and fat loss. It is a revolutionary treatment to effectively build muscles, while reducing localized fat mass. The result is progressive over the sessions.  


  • new technology

    uses high intensity focused electromagnetic waves to stimulate body muscles and lose localized fat.

  • safe and efficient technology

    performance proven by scientific studies

  • high rate of return

    easy-to-apply hands-free device

  • adjustable power and frequency system

    adapts to the tolerance of each person.

  • technology suitable for all people

    suitable for women and men

  • touch interface

    simple and intuitive

  • visible results quickly

    30-minute session to be repeated several times to appreciate the results

  • no consumables

    the device does not need any product to be able to function.

  • no maintenance

    or post-purchase investment

In detail

Voltage AC220 ~ 230V 50 / 60Hz - AC110V 50 / 60Hz
Power ≤ 1700 VA
Output intensity 0-7 Tesla
Drive 300us
Frequency (automatic mode) F1:8Hz, F2:72Hz, F3:36Hz
Frequency (manual mode) F1:0Hz-60Hz, F2:0Hz-135Hz, F3:0Hz-90Hz, F4:0Hz-60Hz,F5:0Hz-135Hz, F6:0Hz- 90Hz
Screen 10,2" LCD Touch

Mode of action

The Bodyshape EMT device is a hands-free device, that is, it does not need any manipulation by a person to be able to function. Two applicators are placed and attached to the area to be treated using a strap. Two settings are to be defined according to the client's indication and his tolerance: the duration of the treatment (the recommended duration is 30 minutes) and the intensity.

The higher the intensity, the stronger the muscle contractions. The client feels a slight tingling associated with an effect of contractions, as during an intensive session of cladding. The session is safe and non-invasive.


1. Mechanical effect

"Supramaximal" muscle contractions

The electromagnetic field passes through the body in a non-invasive and non-ablative manner. It interacts with motor neurons to trigger forced and intense muscle contractions, similar to real sports exercise: “crunches” in the abdomen and “squats” in the glutes. The device that focuses on motor nerve cells generates a multitude of intense and involuntary contractions. We speak of "supramaximal" contractions. Contractions of such intensity cannot be generated by conventional sports training. With the BodyShape EMT, 30,000 contractions are generated in a 30-minute session.

In addition, such a muscle contraction requires a large amount of energy during the session. To get this energy, the body will have to draw on its fat level. As with cryolipolysis, this combustion leads to natural apoptosis and therefore, in the long term, to a reduction in fat thickness.


2. Post-combustion effect

Action on adipose tissue

Due to the intensity of the session, scientists believe that the metabolism remains strongly stimulated for 48 hours or more, which would explain that a session involves an additional energy expenditure of 2 to 2.5 times the expenditure during the effort. .
In other words, if we lose 500 kcal during an EMT session, we will lose 1000 to 1500 kcal in the 48 to 72 hours following the session.

The more muscular you are, the more energy you spend at rest. Indeed, to "repair" after being called upon, the muscles need to draw energy. This will therefore increase the energy expenditure of our metabolism.

using advice

I never thought I could get abs in just 8 sessions. My stomach is redrawn and firm, as if I had done hours of abs!

Not only is the BodyShape device effective and allows visible results, it also ensures extreme profitability for the practitioner. It is indeed a 100% hands-free device! Once the device is installed on the client and programmed, it is possible to perform other treatments in another cabin, or even to perform a facial treatment on the client during the treatment. It can be integrated into a more global treatment protocol, in addition to cryolipolysis for example, or in the Celestetic "Total Body Solution" treatment. It helps to build customer loyalty since it is necessary to perform at least 6 sessions at regular intervals to see the first results.


Localized fat loss

thanks to the high energy expenditure of the body

Promotes muscle gain

in 8 sessions minimum

Strengthens female muscles

pelvic floor and minimizes urinary leakage

Increases resting metabolism

for more energy costs

Muscle activation

which tightens the abdominal strap

Reduces diastasis in women

(abdominal distension often linked to pregnancy and childbirth)

Proven effectiveness

In aesthetics and medi-aesthetics, the EMT (electromagnetic muscular stimulation) device is known to all. Why ? It generates 30,000 muscle contractions in the treated area in just 30 minutes. We recommend 6 to 8 sessions per area after which the treated area is reshaped without any heavy intervention and social exclusion.

The results are gradual: localized fat loss; favored muscle gain; strengthening female pelvic floor muscles and minimizing urinary leakage; increased resting metabolism and energy expenditure; muscle activation tightening the abdominal strap and reducing diastasis in women (abdominal distension often linked to pregnancy and childbirth).

  • Treatment of all muscles in the body  
  • Progressive results
  • 6 to 8 sessions are necessary
  • Non-invasive treatment  

Benefits for your beauty center

  • Visible effects quickly after several sessions;
  • No skin preparation is required;
  • Suitable for all people (women and men)
  • Can be used in all seasons, even in summer;
  • Non-invasive treatment, without social exclusion;
  • No effort or time of work because the device;
  • No consumables to buy / use;
  • No unwanted follow-up;
  • Very high rate of return.

The rates you can offer

Calculate your potential turnover

Recommended rate for a session

Between 35 and 50 € per session, depending on your clientele

Number of sessions for an optimal result

At least 4 sessions spaced 2 to 3 days apart

Recommended rate for a package

650 € (for a package of 10 sessions)

Course of a session

Duration of the treatment

30 minutes

Precautions before the treatment

- No preparation is necessary before the treatment - Read the contraindications carefully before doing the treatment


You can offer a complete protocol for slimming with cryolipolysis and BodyPerfect.

Additional equipment required

No additional hardware is required


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