C-Pen II

Professional device for microneedling

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Discover our professional device for microneedling: the C-Pen II.
The C-Pen consists of a pen with titanium micro-needles at its tip. It creates micro wounds, invisible to the naked eye, which stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. This stimulation of the components of the dermis helps to initiate skin renewal, reduce wrinkles, increase skin firmness and reduce imperfections.
Automatic, adjustable, light and easy to handle, it allows you to obtain excellent results and treat a multitude of skin indications.

  • Skin types
    All skin types, 12 possible indications
  • Areas to be treated
    Face - Scars - Stretch marks - Hair - Body - Cellulite
C-Pen II

In details

The professional automatic C-Pen allows you to adjust the length of the needles and thus the depth of penetration (from 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm).

You can choose from 6 speedlevels to adapt to all skin types.

The C-Pen comes with two rechargeable batteries and a box of twenty needle cartridges.


Microneedling, in combination with our microneedling serums C-EM, allows us to treat at least 12 skin indications for both men and women, on the face as well on the body.

Stretch marks, acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, blackheads ... Thanks to the combination of an effective technique with serums of quality formulas, you get wonderful results.


1. Biophysical stimulation

Microneedling creates multiple microperforations in the skin. These are small wounds, invisible to the naked eye, that allows the formation of channels in the skin. The process of cell regeneration then begins.

2. Cell regeneration

A healing process follows that allows the natural activation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. Thus, an accelerated natural cell regeneration is observed.

3. Chemical stimulation

Thanks to the microchannels created by microneedling, the skin absorbs the active ingredients in the serum much more easily. Microneedling thus allows the penetration rate of the active ingredients to be multiplied by 200.

Tips on usage

Visible results

This stimulation in the skin helps to trigger skin renewal, reduce wrinkles, firm the skin and reduce imperfections. With this automatic, adjustable, lightweight and easy-to-handle device, you can achieve excellent results and treat a wide range of skin conditions.

Improves the overall appearance of the skin
Tightening of pores
Reduction of acne scars
Reduction of stretch marks
Softer, firmer skin
Reduction of imperfections
Reduction of hyperpigmentation
Hair regrowth

Proven effectiveness

The beautician's know-how and expertise are also very important to obtain good results. This is why we wanted to highlight their work, to give you an idea of the results you can get with our devices and products.

The advantages for you

  • Versatile: treat up to 12 aesthetic problems and adapt to all skin types.
  • Mixed: you will reach both male and female customers.
  • Fast: allows you to treat large surfaces in a short time (ideal for greens).
  • Powerful: you'll get visible results immediately, with extremely satisfied customers.
  • Economical: there are only needles to be replaced at each treatment, which limits consumables.
  • Safe: the different settings allow each area to be treated according to its thickness, which guarantees a high level of safety.
  • Adjustable: the adjustable length allows you to offer a personalized treatment for each skin type.
  • Hygienic: the micro-needle heads are sterilized and single-use, which guarantees maximum hygiene.
  • Precise: the slim shape and ergonomics make it easy to operate and very precise.
  • Easy to use and transport: wireless, automatic and rechargeable device. Ergonomic and lightweight.

Benefits for your customers

  • Painless: The rapid vertical movements make its use totally painless and its use compared to a pleasant massage.
  • Visible and long-lasting results: clients can enjoy results directly after the session! Thereafter, these results will be more and more visible as the days go by, up to 6 weeks after the treatment.
  • No social eviction: only slight redness after the treatment
  • Beautiful skin all year round: by opting for a 6-session package, your client ensures smooth, plumped-up skin and a luminous complexion all year round.

Prices you can practice

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Suggested price for a session


Number of sessions for optimal results

6 sessions

Suggested price for a package

445€ (for 6 sessions)

Conduct of a session

Duration of treatment

60 minutes

Precautions before treatments

A good cleansing and make-up removal of the skin is necessary before the treatment. For even better results, we recommend deep cleansing the skin with HydraPeel and a peel before microneedling.


The choice of C-EM will allow you to personalize the treatment and adapt it to the skin type and the problem you are looking for. You will also be able to practice zoning, applying a different C-EM to each area of the face.

Additional material required

Our serums specially designed for microneedling, C-EM and needles adapted for C-Pen. These products can be ordered quickly and easily in our online shop.


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