Professional IPL permanent hair removal device

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Equipped with a water cooling system and sapphire tip, the EpiLight uses advanced Xenon technology which is the most innovative and suitable for the professional world.

Coupled with an extremely precise filter ensuring safety and efficiency.

Clinically proven, it is almost painless and does not cause social eviction or side effects.

  • For who ?
    Women and men
  • Treatment area
    All parts of the body that need to be permanently waxed.
  • Treatments
    Permanent hair removal, photorejuvenation, spots, redness and imperfections
  • Type of skins
    All skin types up to phototype 4

Laser diode technology

Professional IPLs with filter emit infrared that operates in the 800 nanometer band and is therefore invisible. These rays have a great affinity with melanin, the pigments that give hair their color.

When filtered xenon light is directed onto the skin, it is absorbed only by the hair bulbs. This accumulation of light in the bulbs will cause intense heat, which can rise for a short time to 75°. This leads to destruction of the hair caused by the destruction of its deep roots.

Indeed the heat produced by the laser results in multiple micro coagulations at the base of the hair at the level where the cells ensure its renewal.


  • Latest generation xenon

    The xenon lamp is a very powerful IPL lamp, the efficiency of which is comparable to the laser

  • 808nm wavelength filter

    this wavelength is the best absorbed by the melanin of the hair. Our extremely precise filter (200 nm) brings high safety and less side effects.

  • Intelligent adjustable pulsation system

    adapts according to skin type to maximize results while minimizing side effects

  • Powerful water + air cooling system

    maintains the treatment temperature at 2° for the duration of the treatment: minimizes side effects and treatment comfort with very little pain or inconvenience

  • Technology suitable for all skin types

    (even dark) and all types of hair (even very fine)

  • Safe and efficient technology

    more efficient than conventional pulsed light in SHR mode

  • Wide applicator

    reducing the duration of the session by half (bikini 15 minutes, full back 20 minutes)

  • Device guaranteed between 20 and 40 million “shots”

    with very little maintenance required

  • Compact machine

    relatively light (18.8 kg) and easy to transport

  • Fast warm-up

    in 1 minute

  • Touch interface

    simple and intuitive

  • No maintenance

    or post-purchase investment

  • Better efficiency

    and better profitability with a 14x14mm applicator

In detail

Wave length 600-800nm
Lamps VTEC Xenon
Powerful 2000W
Lifetime between 20 and 40 million shots
Pulse duration 1-100ms
Interval between shots 1-1000HZ
applicator sizes 10mm x 10mm (face) & 50mm x 20mm (body)
Energy power 0 – 120J/cm2
Cooling system Stabilized at 2° (Water + sapphire glass + air)
Screen 12.1' LCD Touch and removable

mode of action

1. attraction of the laser by the hair

The hair bulb and the melanin pigments they contain are chromophores, that is, they absorb light energy. Melanin is the pigment that makes up the hair follicle and gives it its color. When it absorbs the light beam, it begins to heat up intensely.

2. Destruction of hair

This heat will damage the hair follicle from the first hair removal session. After sufficiently repeated exposure (4 to 7 hair removal sessions), the majority of the hair follicles contained in the skin are then definitively destroyed.


Difference with pulsed light

The laser spectrum is much more precise and only targets the hair and its bulb.

The risk of burns is almost zero. With pulsed light, the wavelengths emitted are both absorbed by the epidermis and by the bulbs of the hair.

Permanent hair removal remains one of the most profitable institute services!

I never thought I would make my EpilLight profitable so quickly! In just 1 month with 24 subscriptions sold! It's the best investment for my institute!

With its 14cm2 applicator and sweeping system, the EpilLight II allows you to quickly treat large areas such as the legs, back or torso. The sessions of your clients are therefore fast and effective! You can offer packages or subscriptions to build customer loyalty, since the final hair removal requires between 6 and 8 sessions. You will have understood: by selling an average of 24 subscriptions*, your investment is already profitable!

* Calculated on an average price of a session of €136 (between €80 and €350 depending on the area). On average, 6 sessions are required: subscription price €1,051. The laser pays for itself on average after 24 clients.


Visible Results

From the first session with our diode laser technology, the results are immediately visible and permanent.

For all skin types

Effective technology on all phototypes and all hair types.

Efficient cooling system

Equipped with water cooling system and sapphire tip to cool down to -5°.


Intuitive and simple, the touch interface is an 8' LCD.

48 hour repair service

With the 2-year Premium Warranty, all repairs are included.

Fast working speed

Intelligent adjustable pulsation system. Quick session even on blond and residual hair. From 1HZ up to 10HZ (10 shots per second).

Benefits for your customers

  • Speed of processing
  • Much less pain thanks
    • highly efficient cooling system
    • xenon filtration system
    • to super fast SHR mode (1ms pulses)
  • 40 to 60% more effective than conventional pulsed light
  • Risk of burns greatly reduced (see non-existent)
  • Results from the first session
  • Up to 95% of hair permanently destroyed
  • Disappearance of the phenomenon of ingrown hairs

The rates you can offer

Calculate your potential turnover

Recommended rate for a session

Between €45 and €360 depending on the area

Number of sessions for an optimal result

Between 6 and 8 sessions

Recommended rate for a package

Up to €1,950 (for an unlimited full legs plan)

Course of a session

Duration of the treatment

Between 10 minutes and an hour depending on the area

Precautions before the treatment

The client must not have been exposed to the sun in the 2 weeks before the treatment.

Additional equipment required



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