Cosmeceuticals .

On the borderline between conventional cosmetics and medicine

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Celestetic cosmeceuticals' cosmeceutical products are positioned on the borderline between classical cosmetics and medicines. Composed of high quality active ingredients, they provide a real treatment for the skin. Used over the long term, they visibly and durably improve the appearance of the skin. The treatments are also perfect complements to professional treatments carried out in the institute. They prepare the skin to receive the treatments, as well as prolonging the effectiveness of the treatment. 

All celestetic cosmeceuticals products are formulated and manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories in Italy.

The formulas are designed to allow a high skin tolerance, in particular thanks to the quality and purity of the molecules used. We use active ingredients that have a real biological effect on skin cells, which have been proven by numerous independent studies scientifiques.


Cleansers & make-up removers

The range of cleansers and make-up removers includes 4 products: a tonic, a milk, a foam and a micellar water. These products also contain active ingredients to treat the skin while removing accumulated impurities. Depending on your skin type, you can recommend one product or the other.



With the serums, your customers can continue to maintain the effects of the treatments carried out in the cabin at home, and improve the results over the long term. All our serums are highly dosed with quality active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, salicylic acid and glucosamine. Depending on the skin type and the targeted problem, you can recommend one serum or the other and propose to combine its use with the celestetic Dermaroller for better results.


Day creams

Celestetic Day Creams protect the skin from free radicals, pollution and the sun, but also counteract the effects of aging: these are the two promises celestetic day creams keep. We wanted a triple effect of protection, care and correction, with an anti-ageing action for creams that do more than just moisturise.


Night creams

The celestetic night creams are the richest and most dosed in active ingredients. They work during the night for visibly smoother and fuller skin in the morning. With the Active peel you can also offer a treatment for blemishes and acne. Active Repair is ideal for mature skin that needs to be smoothed and firmed.


Body creams

A powerful and effective anti-cellulite cream, a firming cream, both ideal after a session of cryolipolysis or Bodyperfect, as well as a soothing and moisturizing cream to be used after a definitive laser hair removal session.

No miracle, just science.

Celestetic is the leading Belgian medical aesthetics laboratory. Our mission is to blend technological innovations with scientific advancements to bring truly effective professional skincare products and solutions to the market. No false promises, no storytelling. With transparency and honesty.

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