Profesisonal aesthetic LED lamp for photobiomodulation or light therapy

Ideal for all aesthetic treatments

Learn more about the use of LED lights during aesthetic treatments such as a chemical peel, microneedling, cryolipolysis or more. Photobiomodulation, phototherapy or lighttherapy provides a faster recovery after an aesthetic treatment.


Professional LED device - ideal for aesthetic face and body treatments.

Increasingly popular at the various congresses of aesthetic medicine, LED light (photobiomodulation) is beginning to enjoy an excellent reputation! The efficiency and results of a professional LED device are no longer questioned.In recent years, gentle but effective techniques have become the trend in aesthetics.Today's women are afraid of invasive techniques and no longer want to stay young at any cost. This is why, thanks to LED, it is possible to prolong the quality and youthfulness of one's skin.In fact, its effects are so positive that the United States has nicknamed it "skin fitness" and many stars such as Madonna or Jennifer Lopez regularly use it.

History of LED treatments in aesthetics

Les bienfaits de la technologie LED ont été découverts par des scientifiques Hongrois qui constatèrent ses vertus cicatrisantes pour la peau.Dans les années 90, la NASA la testa dans l’espace et observa ses effets sur des organismes vivants, tel que des plantes, pour lesquelles la LED favorisait la croissance.Depuis une dizaine d’années, de nombreux salons esthétiques l’utilisent en complément de leurs soins étant donné la grande satisfaction qu’elle génère auprès des clients.

Operation of an LED lamp foraestehtic

La lumière est une énergie qui se présente sous forme de particules appelées photons. Les photons pénètrent dans la peau et sont absorbés par les différentes cellules ayant des « capteurs » d’énergie en leur sein (au niveau de la mitochondrie).Chaque type de lumière (habituellement jaune, rouge ou bleue) est absorbée par un certain type de cellule, à une profondeur différente est y exerce une fonction bien précise.Ce surplus d’énergie permet de réactiver toutes les fonctions cellulaires majeures de son choix afin d’obtenir des effets biologiques importants et variés (selon le protocole utilisé).Les effets puissants de la LED sur l’organisme sont réalisés à travers divers mécanismes tels que l’augmentation de mobilité cellulaire, l’action antimicrobienne, l’augmentation de la prolifération cellulaire ou la stimulation de la production naturelle de certaines molécules secrétées par les cellules elles-mêmes (facteurs de croissance, protéines anti-bactériennes, molécules anti-inflammatoires). 

10 reasons why a professional facial LED is indispensable in aesthetics

    • Boosts the effect of scrubs and sicrodermabrasions3,4,5

It is an ideal complement to surface treatments, sublimating the skin because it acts on the deepest layers. A 15 to 20 minute session, preceded by an exfoliation, accentuates its lifting effect and boosts its anti-deep wrinkle activity.

  • Calms and prevents all post-procedure redness 1

LED lamps neutralize redness, swelling, bruising, inflammation and irritation through aesthetic treatments (peeling, dermabrasion, fractional laser or injection).LED is a miracle solution to offer to your customers with redness or swelling! Indeed, less than 24 hours after a session, most redness and swelling will have disappeared. Like here, where the peel was too strong...(photo taken 18 hours after a session of repairing LED post-inflammation caused by a peel too strong).Ephemeral side effects caused by cosmetic procedures are of concern to clients, even when they have been informed of them. Preventing and accelerating their repair is the ultimate argument that was missing to meet clients' expectations and ensure their total satisfaction!

  • An indispensable complement to peeling 3,4,5

A 10-minute SLE session followed by a peel reduces the total remission time by more than 60%[1] and strongly prevents the risk of post-operative hyperpigmentation in darker skin. Never again will a peel be a source of stress!

  • Quickly soothes sunburn and burns 3,4,5

Initially used to combat burns caused by radiation therapy, LED relieves, soothes and reduces sunburn.In addition, it helps repair the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the sun and thus counteracts the effects of premature skin aging (photoaging).A precious tool that all clients will benefit from when they return from their vacation.

  • A non-invasive anti-wrinkle effect 3,4,5,7

The LED light acts simultaneously on two skin ageing processes. It boosts the proliferation and activity of fibroblasts, which results in an increased production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. In addition, it is also active in the field of aging prevention by inhibiting collagenase and hyaluronidase, enzymes responsible for the skin degradation that occurs with age.In 6 to 8 sessions, twice a week, the skin becomes smoother, more toned and firm. Its texture is refined, with tightened pores and a more radiant complexion.

  • Fights oily skin and acne 6

Blue light has strong anti-bacterial properties that all acne-prone clients can benefit from. Blackheads, blackheads and pimples are greatly reduced as here.Numerous studies show an improvement in inflammatory acne of more than 50% with 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks with blue LEDs alone. In addition, there is nothing to prevent SLE sessions from being combined with topical or general treatments, including isotretinoin (roaccutane).

  • >Diminishes stretch marks 3,4,5

Its action on deep-seated fibroblasts makes it an ideal tool for the treatment of stretch marks, whether new or old. Its action is perfectly complementary to techniques acting on the surface such as micro-needling, maximizing its benefits while reducing its side effects.After 8 sessions, stretch marks are visibly reduced.

  • Decreases the appearance of blood vessels, redness and chronic inflammation 3,4,5

Due to its gentle and non-invasive nature, SLE is an ideal treatment for skin suffering from redness or chronic sensitivities. The effects of yellow light on redness are recognized and highly appreciated by clients.

  • Help for alopecia and hair loss with multiple causes 8

There are many causes that can trigger hair or alopecia loss, including stress, pollution, changes of season or environment, menopause, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, overly aggressive hair dyes, etc.Its effects on hair loss are so remarkable, that the powerful US FDA has approved LEDs for the treatment of alopecia.After 10 sessions, limited to one session per week, the hair is highly densified.

  • >Diminishes post-surgery scarring 3,4,5

Liposuction, mammoplasty, blepharoplasty, face-lifts, various surgical operations: many modern procedures involve scars, sometimes unsightly. The use of LED technology can be done just that:Immediately after an operation: it greatly increases the speed of healing while reducing the size and appearance of future scars.On an old scar: its action on the proliferation and accelerated renewal of tissue makes it possible to treat all types of installed scars. 

A session of LED Lamp in aesthetics in practice

A session lasts 20 minutes and does not require human intervention. The client experiences a pleasant heat wave during the session. A session can be scheduled before or after most other aesthetic treatments. Note: A session can be scheduled before or after most other aesthetic treatments; 

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