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Cryolipolysis is an aesthetic cold slimming technique. Its principle relies on temperature control down to -10°C to destroy fat cells.

History of Cryolipolysis

Rox Anderson, considered the father of the dermatological laser and a distinguished member of Harvard University's faculty of medicine, has spent part of his career developing laser treatments for cellulite.

Disappointed by the lack of results, he came up with the ingenious idea of using an intrinsic property of fat tissue and fat cells;of fatty tissues and the cells that make them up (adipocytes) and their high sensitivity to cold to develop a device that cools tissues in order to destroy fat. This sensitivity to cold had been known for a long time, as documented by the numerous descriptions of fatty tissue reactivation (panniculitis) caused by cold in cavalières or by excessively cold ice cream in children. He therefore had the intuition to treat fatty tissue with cold, by cooling it with a specially designed handle. Clinical validation studies on the first cryolipolysis machine were carried out at Wellma Massachusetts General Hôpital in Boston, an academic hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School, and confirmed excellent results.

Since its launch, Cryolipolysis has received very positive feedback from the scientific community, thanks to its good results and very limited side effects. It is the ideal alternative to surgical liposuction to combat localized excess fat.

How cryolipolysis works

The word “cryolipolysis” is formed from three words of Greek origin: Cryo (cold), lipo (fat) and lysis (destruction), which literally means “the destruction of fat cells by cold”.  

This technique aims to crystallize the fat contained in fat cells (adipocytes) in order to trigger their programmed death (apoptosis). Cryolipolysis exploits the sensitivity of fat cells to cold by exposing the affected areas to deep, intensive cooling for one hour.

If the results of cryolipolysis are impressive and comparable to those of surgical liposuction, it's thanks to its dual action in 2 steps:

  • A portion of fat cells is affected immediately during treatment, and will be cleared by the lymphatic system within a few days. 2,4

  • Another part of the fat will naturally self-detoxify, then be progressively &eacutely eliminated by the liver after a few weeks. 2,4

To go even further and offer even more impressive results, the best cryolipolysis machines offer a heating function that comes to prepare the area by liquifying the fat to facilitate its congélation afterwards. This not only increases the power of the treatment, but also makes it possible to act on all morphologies.

Who is the Cryolipolysis machine intended for, and for what indications?

Cryolipolysis is not a weight loss method, so it is not indicated for people with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30. To maximize results, it is recommended to reach a BMI of 30 before the first session, otherwise treatment efficacy will be low.

Cryolipolysis is designed to reduce localized fat clusters. The ideal client is therefore a person who is not obese, but who wishes to remove excess localized and concentrated fatty deposits, such as on the stomach, love handles, inner and outer thighs, saddlebags, back or arms. 

Benefits of Cryolipolysis 

  • Non-invasive and painless – no needles and no anesthesia
  • No side effects - significant fat reduction, without the usual complications of more invasive methods such as liposuction.
  • No social hardship - the client can return to normal activity straight away.
  • Effective - Significant results from the very first session
  • .
  • Scientifically proven - Proven technology in aesthetic medicine
  • .
  • Lasting effects over time - the fat cells removed do not return
  • .
  • Profitable - Hands-free treatment, no intervention required during the treatment
  • .
  • Easy to integrate into a comprehensive treatment offer - Can be combined with most treatments
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A séance in practice

It is always advisable to carry out a consultation prior to the start of treatment to discuss expectations and needs with the customer.

Each session begins with a mandatory anamnesis-type questionnaire to assess risks and ensure the client's safety throughout the treatment. Once the questionnaire has been completed, and only if the treatment is authorized, the area to be treated is measured by the esthetician in order to assess the risk of injury;evaluate the quantity of hypodermic fat present and select the most appropriate parameters for the area to be treated. A measurement of the skin fold and of the abdominal rim is carried out, along with the taking of photographs, which will enable us to monitor the effect of the treatment and objectify its efficacy. Once the pre-treatment examination has been carried out, the client settles comfortably into the treatment chair.

The cryolipolysis machine sucks the fat pad into a specially prepared handle. The fat is heated for 5 minutes, then cooled for 55 minutes at the chosen temperature.After activation of the handle, the client feels an intense sensation of cold for a few minutes. This sensation disappears rapidly. The client sits or lies down comfortably during the procedure, which lasts around 1 hour.

Many clients read, use their laptop or even sleep during a session.

At the end of the session, the client feels the cold.

At the end of the session, often very relaxing for the client, the cooled area is massaged vigorously to accentuate the anti-fat effects.

The post-relaxation sensation is that of a skin firmly pulled, as if tightened as well as a much more compact, less flabby fat volume.  



Results of cryolipolysis

  • Reduction of overall fat mass - up to 6cm waist circumference after 3 months
  • Slimming of thighs, arms and stomach - up to 30% volume reduction in the treated area in just 1 session
  • Love handles destroyed
  • Reduce saddlebags
  • Elimination of cellulite and orange peel skin
  • Effectiveness visible from the 1st session for 95% of customers
  • Visible improvement in the silhouette, with more defined contours and a more toned appearance

A scientifically proven technique

Localized slimming;

The various reviews of studies, report a reduction in volume of the treated bulge; of 14.67%  à 28.5%  with an average of 19.55%,1 , 2. 

They also report that a reduction in the subcutaneous fat layer of 1%  30% can occur after a Cryolipolysis session. Final results become visible after 2 to 3 months and correspond to approximately 1 to 1.5 cm of circumference loss per session.   

Durable and versatile

The results of cryolipolysis are visible in 84% of those treated. 3, 4  

20% of the final result is observed after 15 days; 60% of the final result is observed after 6 weeks; 80% of the final result is observed after 2 months; 100% of the final result is observed after 3 months;  


Results after 6 weeks following a Cryolipolysis* session (results vary depending on the individual and the areas treated)


Results after 8 weeks following a Cryolipolysis* session (results vary depending on the individual and the areas treated)



Number of séances conseillées

For optimal results, we recommend between 1 and 2 séances depending on the area and protocol followed.

The second Cryolipolysis session can take place 1 à 2 months after the first session to improve the results obtained 5

The number of sequences and the protocol depend on the age of the fat, the presence or absence of cellulite, and the client's gender (more effective in men). The reduction in fat thickness is greater in patients with limited and more discreet fat deposits. As long as the client maintains her weight by watching her diet and exercising, long-term results remain stable.  

A séance illustratedée en vidéo


User satisfaction

 The results differ according to the études, but de 82% à 91% of customers seem satisfied with the procédure, of which 82 à 89% would recommend it à an ami. 3, 6  

Tips to improve Cryolipolysis results

  After a Cryolipolysis session and for three months, it is recommended to:

  • Weigh yourself every day
  • .
  • Try to lose 50 gr every day on average
  • .
  • Four days a week, follow a 4-P diet, i.e. don't eat bread, potatoes or weavings
  • .
  • On these days, eat foods rich in vegetables and proteins.
  • Don't drink more than 2 coffees a day (coffee increases the strogglucose, which leads to increased calorie storage)
  • .
  • Never drink fruit juices or sweetened beverages, whether diet or regular.
  • Replace sugar-sweetened drinks with light, pleasantly flavored drinking water.
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day
  • .
  • Twice a week, take a long walk (ideally two hours)

  The best results with Cryolipolysis are seen when the post-treatment period coincides with a weight loss of 1 to 3 kilos.  

How much does a Cryolipolysis session cost for customers?

Generally, a cryolipolysis expert charges 200€ à 300€ per area treated for one hour to the customer. With a high satisfaction rate, the average customer will return 2 times and treat up to 3 areas of the body.

This treatment is considered one of the most profitable for an institute because it requires no or few consumables, no human intervention during the treatment and no maintenance;human intervention for the duration of the treatment and a good cryolipolysis machine is often equipped with a self-cleaning system that extends its lifespan.

What's the price for a Cryolipolysis machine? 

A Cryolipolysis machine can cost from 5,999 euros for a portable device to 30,000 euros for medical devices.

Portable devices are more economical, but are not as powerful as larger models. In fact, even if the surface of their handles sometimes reaches -10°C, their limited power does not allow them to "suck" heat from the deepest layers of the skin. These models will therefore primarily cool the upper layers and be less effective on larger rolls (> 4cm).

The choice of a cryolipolysis machine is therefore crucial, as it determines not onlythe effectiveness of the treatment but also the safety and comfort of patients.

  • To make the right choice, it's essential to consider the certification of the device, which guarantees compliance with safety and health standards.
  • The technology used is also important: look for machines with clinical studies to back them up, showing convincing results.
  • It's also important to check the manufacturer's réputation and read current user reviews to assess reliability and after-sales service.
  • Finally, training is essential to ensure that you master the machine perfectly and know how to tailor your care to your customer's spécific needs.

The different handles of Cryolipolysis

There are 3 different types of cryodes on the market: 

  • Classical cryodes: made up of 2 Peltier plates, these cryodes will freeze the fat on just 2 sides of the bulge.
  • "360°" dîtes cryodes: these cryodes, composed of a 360° cooling base and various plastic tips, will freeze fat on the top of the bulge but not on the sides
  • .
  • 360° cryodes: made up of a single cooling part and covered with sillicone, these cryodes freeze the fat on the inside of the suctioned surface to enable deep action.


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At Celestetic we specialize in the development of non-invasive m&eacute techniques. That's why we've developed a cryolipolysis machine with specialists from the medical and aesthetic worlds, as well as a team of experienced engineers, to bring you the very best in science and technology.




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