Peels 2.0

Range of Chemical Peelings for Beauty Professionals

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Our range of chemical peels for beauty professionals have been designed to maximize the benefits to the skin while minimizing side effects.
Indeed, the difficulty with conventional peels is that they are difficult to calibrate the application in order to obtain a good exfoliating effect without damaging the skin. This is very difficult with older generation peels (with a single acid) because it cannot perform the function of significantly exfoliating the epidermis layer while preserving it.

High skin tolerance

Peels 2.0 have been designed to achieve visible and immediate effects on the skin while minimizing the side effects and discomfort that can be caused by conventional chemical peels.

Composed of a multitude of fruit acids, they act in two steps to be less aggressive:

  • In the first stage, the rapidly penetrating acids exfoliate the outermost layers of the skin. They neutralize themselves automatically and do not penetrate deeply.
  • In a second step, the slow-penetrating acids gently reach the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Anti-inflammation: Anti-inflammatory active ingredients are added to the formulas to considerably reduce the risk of post-peeling inflammation. The client can therefore quickly see the effects of the treatment.

Anti-pigmentation: these peels are also suitable for darker skin thanks to the anti-pigmentation active ingredients integrated into the formulas. The risk of pigmentary rebound after the peel is reduced.

The Peels 2.0 range

You will quickly become familiar with the different peels in the range and will be able to easily adapt your choice to the client's skin indications and skin type.

  • The essentials: 5 peels for 5 indications

Anti Aging Peel Advanced: equivalent to a 35% glycolic peel
Acne Peel Advanced: equivalent to a 20% salicylic peel
Whitening Peel Advanced: equivalent to a mandel peel 35
Sensitive Peel Advanced: equivalent to a lactic peel 35
Flash C Peel Advanced: instant glow peel


  • The experts: two more powerful peels to treat severe acne and mature skins

Acne + Peel Expert: equivalent to a 20% salicylic peel
Anti Aging + Peel Expert: equivalent to a glycolic peel 70%.

Anti Aging Peel

Wrinkles - Sagging skin - Spots

For all skin showing signs of age, over 30 years old.
An anti-ageing peel designed to suit all skin types, even the most sensitive. Its formula reduces wrinkles while increasing the skin's firmness and acting on spots due to photo-aging.

Acid: Azelaic - Salicylic -- Mandelica - Phytic acid - Glycyrrhizic

Acne Peel

Buttons - Oily skin.

For oily problem skin or skin with acne scars and enlarged pores.
Its formula regulates the production of sebum and acts on existing inflammations. Without aggressing the skin, it purifies it first to soothe it in the long term. Even without acne, irregular skin due to old pimples or clogged pores can receive this peel.

Acid: Azelaic - Salicylic - Pyruvic - Mandelic - Phytic acid - Glycyrrhizic

Whitening Peel

Spots - dull complexion.

A powerful and effective depigmenting peel against all types of spots (pregnancy mask, photoaging, melasma ...). Thanks to the anti-pigmentation active ingredients contained in its formula, it can also be suitable for the darkest skins.

Acids: - Azelaic, salicylic, mandelic, phytic, glycyyrhizic

Sensitive Peel

Redness - couperose.

For sensitive and delicate skin. In order to offer the possibility to treat all skin types, we wanted to develop a very gentle peel for sensitive skin that still provides results. The Sensitive Peel is also ideal for rosacea and redness.

Acids: Lactic - Phytic acid - Mandelic - Azelaic - Glycyrrhizic

Flash C Peel

Dull complexion - shallow expression lines.

For young, healthy skin that is looking for a boost.
Celestetic has developed a peel that combines radiance and lifting effect, without damaging the skin. Ideal after a dermabrasion and before a microneedling, it smoothes the skin, provides antioxidant protection while reducing small wrinkles and possible spots. Above all, it deeply hydrates the skin and improves the skin's moisture barrier.
It is ideal if the client wishes to expose herself to the sun within 7 days after the peel.

Acids: Azelaic - Mandelic - Phytic - Glycyrrhizic - Vitamin C - DMAE

Acne + Peel

Severe acne - Oily skin.

For skin with severe acne. More powerful, the Acne + Peel can tackle the most severe acne and very oily skin with inflammation. 

Acids: Azelaic - Salicylic - Pyruvic

Anti Aging + Peel

Wrinkles - Sagging skin - Dull complexion.

For mature, thick skin with deep wrinkles. The formula of this peel allows you to treat the deepest wrinkles and to bring a visible lifting effect to mature skin. The complexion is visibly fresher and the skin is smoother.

Acids: Pyruvic - Lactic - Mandelic - Azelaic Acids: Pyruvic - Lactic - Mandelic - Azelaic

The advantages for you

  • Easy to use : you can easily choose the right peeling depending on the problematic and skin type
  • Wide range, to treat every skintypes and skin colours
  • Shot exposure time : up to 12 minutes maximum

Benefits for your customers


  • Powerful results* Achieve higher results than with conventional peels
  • They provide more uniform penetration and minimize side effects such as burns and redness*.
  • A pleasant post-peel period They reduce the intensity of side effects and the duration of social eviction.
  • Anti-Inflammatory effect they contain anti-inflammatory principles mixed with acids, which reduces the risk of post-peel inflammation.
  • Anti-Pigmentation effect They contain anti-pigmentation principles mixed with acids, which reduces the risk of pigmentary rebound after peeling and increases their safety of use on dark skin types.


Prices you can practice

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Between 30 and 70€ depending on your clientele

Number of sessions for optimal results

Cure of 6 sessions

Suggested price for a package

Between 150€ and 380€


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