Hydro microdermabrasion professional device

Our HydroPeel hydro microdermabrasion device is a non-invasive skin cleansing, moisturizing and revitalizing device. It combines cleansing, moisturizing, rejuvenation, brightening and antioxidant protection.

Its operation is simple:

  • A micro-bubble-based apiration system allows deep cleansing by exfoliating and extracting impurities, dead skin, blackheads and blackheads, keratin residues trapped in the hair follicles.
  • The hair follicles are then moisturized and nourished, restoring purity, softness and radiance to the skin.

This is a treatment in its own right, but also an excellent step in preparing the skin before a peel or microneedling session. Hydropeel is included in the Multi-techniques treatment, a treatment designed by celestetic to allow you to transform the skin in 4 steps.

A skin that starts from scratch

Thanks to Hydropeel, your customers get a new look. Its suction system eliminates all dead skin, blackheads, blackheads and imperfections accumulated on the surface of the skin. At the same time as the suction, A.P.S solutions based on active ingredients and acids penetrate the skin for an even more complete cleansing.
We offer 3 different lotions to allow you to personalize the treatment:

  • A.P.S Detox: to cleanse the skin, remove dead cells, impurities and residues of pollution and make-up.
  • A.P.S Pure: ideal for purifying problem skin and acne-prone skin, it will help regulate sebum production for visibly less oily skin.
  • A.P.S AOX: to restore radiance to dull complexions, skin damaged by sun, tobacco and pollution.

No miracles, just science.

To be convinced of the effectiveness of an aesthetic technique, it is important to first understand how it works. If our devices allow such good results, it is because they have a real effect on the skin and its cells. Explanations.

Personalization of the care

After a skin diagnosis, you will choose the right A.P.S. lotion and the right settings (suction power and flow) to best suit the client's skin type.

Suction and extraction

The Hydropeel's spiral suction system forms a real vortex that will allow the extraction of dead skin and imperfections on the surface of the skin. The client does not feel any pain during the aspiration, on the contrary the sensation is described as very pleasant.

Revitalization and skin care

At the same time, the selected A.P.S. lotion penetrates the client's skin to provide care and accentuate the work of purification and revitalization of the skin. At the end of the process, the skin is as good as new, deeply cleansed, smooth and luminous.

Prices you can practice

Calculate your potential sales

Suggested price for a session

Between 30€ and 50€

Number of sessions for optimal results

Up to 2 sessions per month

Conduct of a session

Duration of treatment

20 minutes

Your benefits

  •  Suitable for all skin types
  • Achievable in all seasons (no photosensitization)
  • You can customize the treatment


The benefits for your clients

  • Non invasive
  • No side effects or social eviction
  • No skin preparation is required
  • Background treatment of the skin


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Celestetic is the first Belgian medi-aesthetic laboratory. Our mission is to combine technological innovations with scientific progress so we can bring on the market truly effective professional products and solutions for the skin. Without fake promises, without telling stories. With transparency and honesty.

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