Photobiomodulation lamp

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Phototherapy, also called photostimulation, photodynamic light therapy or photobiomodulation, is a treatment in which the skin is treated using an LED (light intensity laser) device. The LED device in question emits light beams on the skin which, depending on the color of the LED, have different beneficial effects. Photodynamic light therapy is a new technology to fight skin blemishes including skin aging, pigmentation, etc.

It can perfectly be used as a treatment on its own or after other facial treatments such as microneedling or fruit acid peels to minimize side effects.

  • For who?
    Anyone wishing to prevent skin aging or having problem skin.
  • When to use it?
    Ideal as a treatment alone or after other facial treatments to soothe the skin.


  • 100% hands free

    You can perform other treatments during this time

  • Convenient to use

    With an intuitive touch screen

  • Relatively light

    Easy to move and apply to a client

  • The perfect complementary care for the face

    But can also be used as a treatment in itself

  • Strengthens results

    Maar kan ook gebruikt worden als een behandeling op zich

  • Accelerates the healing process

    For optimal results

In detail

Types of light Red: 625 nm Infrared: 830 nm Blue: 490 nm
Food 120Watt
Fashion From strong pulsation (100Hz) to continuous (0 Hz)
Treatment area 20 to 50cm (0.1m2)
Number of LEDs 720 LEDs - 240*3 colors
Duration of treatment 15 to 25 minutes
Weight 25kg
Dimensions 45cm x 32cm x 92cm

How does it work?

A certain amount of energy in the form of photons is absorbed in the upper layer of the skin by cells that have energy receptors (in their mitochondria). This triggers various actions-reactions leading to an acceleration of metabolism and cell renewal (including fibroblasts). The extra energy obtained makes it possible to reactivate all the important cellular functions. The application of light photons stimulates the deepest layers of the skin; these photons vary in intensity and color. This way you can apply the right settings based on your client.

What makes it so effective?

This technique is often used at the end of the multi-technique treatment, or can also be used as a treatment on its own. The 3 LEDs (blue LED, red LED, infrared LED) each have their own function. They not only allow you to focus on the client's skin problem in front of you, but also minimize side effects (like choppy skin after a facial treatment).

What are the results ?

The results are incredibly broad. Thanks to its antibacterial and regenerative function, this light therapy lamp works on skin aging, hair stimulation, blood circulation, collagen production and elastin and cell repair.


LED colors and their functions

Red LED light therapy

Regenerating: regenerates the skin, gives it a beautiful complexion, acts against aging and refines the overall structure of the skin.

Infrared/violet light therapy

Acts against aging, fights hair loss and stimulates blood circulation.

Blue LED light therapy

Beautifies and regenerates the skin

Benefits for you

  • Ideal complementary treatment to all facial treatments
  • Reduces redness after peeling or radiofrequency treatment by more than 65%.
  • Choice of red, blue or infrared light
  • Hands-free device

Benefits for your customers

  • Soothes and heals sunburned skin
  • Reduces exfoliation duration
  • Reduces hair loss caused by all factors (stress, hormonal, etc.)
  • Increases hair density

Prices you can practice

Calculate your potential sales

Suggested price for a session


Number of sessions for optimal results

Between 10 and 12

Suggested price for a package

The treatment is often offered as part of a package with other treatments.

Conduct of a session

Duration of treatment

Between 10 and 20 minutes

Precautions before treatments

The skin must be thoroughly cleansed


This treatment is 100% customizable. Choose the color, duration and wavelength of the Led device entirely according to your customer's wishes.

Additional material required

Safety glasses (supplied with the device). For even better results, you can use Celestetic's C-EM serums.


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