BodyPerfect II

Rotative Radio Frequency device

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The BodyPerfect device can treat all areas with excess fat or slackening using three complementary methods:


  • Radiofréquence rotative et multipolaire :Radiofrequency generates lipolysis by a thermal effect obtained by increasing the cell temperature. The fat cells heat up much faster than the rest of the tissues (their impedance is high). It has been shown that it is enough to heat the fat cells for a few minutes to more than 46 ° so that they are permanently damaged. Warm the deep tissues of the skin to stimulate the natural production of collagen, which retains the skin and restores its density and firmness.
  • Cavitation ( Ultrasons à basse fréquence – 40 Khz) : Cavitation is a modern slimming technique based on the ultrasonic action on fat cells. Ultrasound makes them vibrate until they implode, which causes the release of the fat they contain. Excess fats released (triglycerides), as well as fat cells damaged by vibration are naturally eliminated by the lymphatic system during the weeks after the treatment sessions. Ultrasound is transmitted via celestetic. Fatredux, so make sure there is enough product between the head of the ultrasound probe and the skin of the client.
  • Drainage Lymphatique par aspiration et massage mécanique : Thanks to its double upward and rotating movement, the treatment improves the efficiency of the lymphatic vessels to raise the lymph towards the veins. This disengages the legs and thighs.

Maximum versatility

The Bodyperfect is a versatile device that combines 3 technologies for slimming. It fits perfectly into a more global slimming cure, as it can be used in addition to cryolipolysis (discover the Global Body Solution treatment).
You will be able to treat up to 6 areas (arms, stomach, love handles, inner and outer thighs, calves and knees) and offer a special "heavy legs and water retention" treatment, which will be able to soothe your clients, especially as the summer period approaches.
You will work both on skin texture (cellulite, orange peel skin, sagging skin), on volume (abdominal fat, love handles, saddlebags), and on the phenomenon of heavy legs and water retention.

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No miracles, just science.

To be convinced of the effectiveness of an aesthetic technique, it is important to first understand how it works. If our devices allow such good results, it is because they have a real effect on the skin and its cells. Explanations. 

Rotary and multipolar radio frequency

Radio frequency consists of emitting very high frequency waves that produce heat. This heat will have 2 main actions: the destruction of fat cells for the elimination of cellulite, and the tightening of tissues by the natural production of collagen, which tightens the skin and restores its density and firmness.


It is a slimming technique based on the action of ultrasounds on fat cells. The ultrasounds make them vibrate until they implode. They will then be eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system a few weeks after the treatment.

Lymphatic drainage

Finally, thanks to a double upward and rotational movement, this part of the treatment improves the ability of the lymphatic vessels to move the lymph up towards the veins.

The advantages for you

  • Treat all skin types
  • Safety for you and your clients

Benefits for your customers

  • Non invasive treatment
  • Comfort and efficiency
  • Continuous fat loss after the treatment
  • No sides effects reported
  • A remodeling of the skin
  • Improved texture of the skin

Prices you can practice

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You adapt the protocol according to the area and the problem to be treated.

Additional material required

You'll need the celestetic RF-Contact gel.


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