Our highly dosed serums .

At the border between classic cosmetics and medicine.

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Celestetic cosmeceuticals cosmeceuticals are positioned at the borderline between classic cosmetics and medicines. Composed of very high-dose active ingredients, they provide a real treatment for the skin. Used over the long term, they visibly and durably improve the appearance of the skin. The treatments are also perfect complements to the professional treatments carried out in institutes. They prepare the skin to receive the treatments, as well as prolonging the effectiveness of the treatment.

No miracle, just science.

Celestetic is the leading Belgian medical aesthetics laboratory. Our mission is to blend technological innovations with scientific advancements to bring truly effective professional skincare products and solutions to the market. No false promises, no storytelling. With transparency and honesty.

Product Quality

Ingredients whose efficacy has been scientifically proven

Professional Training

For perfect mastery of techniques

Compliance with European Standards

Devices and products designed in compliance with European laws and standards

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