IceSlim II

Cryolipolysis professional device

Cryolipolysis means the destruction of fat by cold. It aims to crystallize the fat contained in fat cells (adipocytes) in order to trigger their "programmed death" (apoptosis).
Cryolipolysis therefore exploits the sensitivity of the adipocytes to cold by exposing the desired areas to intensive and deep cooling for one hour.

Fat cells are thus affected


  • Some of the fat cells are directly affected during the session.
  • Another part naturally self-destructs and is metabolized in a few weeks by the liver*.

In summary, adipocytes exposed to the cold regress without releasing lipids into the bloodstream and with virtually no inflammation*.

Profitability and results

Our Ice Slim II cryolipolysis device provides excellent results for both women and men. Its cooling system goes down to -9°C to attack deep fat deposits.
Its 5 handles allow you to treat different areas of the body (up to 6 areas: abdomen, arms, back, thighs, saddlebags, love handles ...).
The main advantage of the Ice Slim II: profitability! Once your adjustments have been made and the treatment handles placed on your client, you can leave the cabin and perform other treatments at the same time.

No miracles, just science

To be convinced of the effectiveness of an aesthetic technique, it is important to first understand how it works. If our devices allow such good results, it is because they have a real effect on the skin and its cells. Explanations.


Suction and cooling

The device aspirates the area to be treated in order to separate the fatty tissue from the other tissues. The area is cooled intensely for 60 minutes. During the treatment, the internal temperature of the bead drops to about 10°c (the surface of the skin drops to about -8°c).

Fat destruction

During this procedure, fat cells fragment and their walls crystallize, compromising their long-term viability. The localized cold produces a loss of cell life (apotosis) of the fat cells.

Work continues after the treatment

The results will be fully observed 8 weeks after the session. Why is that? Part of the fat is directly affected during the session and will be eliminated in a few days by the lymphatic system. Then, the liver will do its work in order to eliminate the other part gradually.

Prices you can practice

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Suggested price for a session


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Conduct of a session

Duration of treatment

60 minutes

Precautions before treatments

No particular precautions are to be taken before the session.


You adapt the settings and choose the right treatment handles according to the size of your client's bulge.

Additional material required

The treated area must be protected with our protective wipes. It is advisable to combine the treatment with the use of our ultra firm and ultra slim body creams.

Your benefits

  • Proven efficiency in cosmetic medecine
  • Excellent profitability
  • Hands-free device

The benefits for your clients

  • Non invasive - no needles
  • Often very satisfying effects
  • No side effects
  • Results that can be significant (from 0% to 30% reduction of the treated portion)
  • Painless– no anesthesia

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