High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds device HIFU

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The Neocure UltraLift machine uses the revolutionary technology of high intensity focused ultrasound which finally offers the possibility to perform non-surgical facelifts.

Its operation is simple:

HiFu emits sound waves that are administered in the subcutaneous dermis, only at the focal points. Tissues outside the target area do not heat up, thus avoiding work on the epidermis. The SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) generates a temporary temperature increase at the chosen depth (1.5 mm, 3 mm and 4.5 mm).


When the temperature in these layers rises above 65°C (the protein denaturation threshold), a coagulation zone is created.

New tissue regenerates this area and makes it more elastic. The upper layers of the skin are thus strengthened.

Give your clients a second youth

A HIFU treatment is recommended for people who wish to act on the oval of the face, sagging skin on the neck and décolleté, lower cheeks, and for the double chin.
HIFU is also effective for body contouring (arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks), and on stretch marks.

Immediately after the treatment, the skin is visibly tighter. The effects will then become more and more visible and can be observed up to 24 months after the treatment.

No miracles, just science.

To be convinced of the effectiveness of an aesthetic technique, it is important to first understand how it works. If our devices allow such good results, it is because they have a real effect on the skin and its cells. Explanations.


Mechanical effect

The sound vibrations induce the contraction of collagen fibres and the stimulation of collagen by the fibroblasts.

Cavitation effect

The vibration of the ultrasound causes the membranes of the adipocytes to implode.

Thermal effect

The ultrasound energy is transformed into heat which destroys the adipocytes and creates a small invisible wound.

The advantages for you

  • The only non-invasive technology for non-surgical lifting
  • Procedure can be carried out at any time of the year, even in the summer months
  • Proven technology in aesthetic medicine
  • Quick treatment +/- 45 minutes for the face -+/- 60 minutes for the body
  • High satisfaction of the clients

Benefits for your customers

  • Non-invasive - no needles
  • Significant results
  • No skin preparation is required
  • 0% to 30% reduction in volume under the chin
  • Ideal for treating localized fat, even in depth
  •  No side effects
  • Safe, unique (no alternatives) and extremely efficient procedure
  • Treatment with very little pain or discomfort

Conduct of a session

Duration of treatment

Between 30 minutes and 1 hour

Precautions before treatments

The skin must be cleansed and the areas dlineated


You adat the protocol according to the costumer

Additional material required

Conductive gel


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