Who are we ?

Celestetic's mission and values

Celestetic is the first Belgian medi-aesthetic laboratory. Our mission is to combine technological innovations with scientific progress. Thus, we bring to the market professional products and treatments that really have an effect on your skin. No false promises, but transparency and honesty.


The aesthetics market is full of tempting offers, but not very serious or even dangerous.
With all of today's nonconforming or tested gadgets, inventions, devices or inventions, or irritating products, Celestetic aims to be a reliable player for beauty professionals.
This is why we have chosen medi-aesthetics: an approach that consists of responding to signs of aging and skin imperfections through a series of non-surgical and non-invasive techniques, all inspired by aesthetic medicine.
These techniques (cryolipolysis, mesotherapy or microneedling) have been developed and studied during their development. Numerous independent scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of this technique.


Truly effective products

To ensure this efficiency, we follow up with our customers so that they can perfectly control our equipment and our products to perfection. The results are visible to their customers.

Finally, when producing our of our products, the regulations of the European Union

European Union regulations are strictly observed during the production of our products.


Professional training
for a perfect mastery of medi-aesthetic techniques
Product quality
Ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven by science
Solid and quality follow-up
We support you over the long term and remain at your disposal
Compliance with European standards
Devices and products designed in compliance with European laws and standards


Celestetic treatments are focused on real results. This is achieved using the most innovative technologies and ingredients. Comprehensive studies have repeatedly proven their effectiveness.

Celestetic's CE marked medical products meet medical device requirements and comply with EU standards and produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Our machines comply with medical equipment regulations and our products comply with cosmetics regulations and offer complete and safe efficiency.


Made with the greatest care in the European Union. All devices comply with the standards of the directives: Low voltage directive (LVD) 73/23 / EEC + 93/68 / EEC, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) 89/336 / EEC + 92/31 / EEC + 93/68 / EEC .

  • Microbiologically and dermatologically tested.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS) available on request

Celestetic's CE marked medical products meet medical device requirements and comply with EU standards and produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Celestetic stands for quality

CELESTETIC products and treatments are focused on concrete results. This result is achieved by using the most innovative ingredients of the innovative ingredients. Extensive studies have repeatedly proven the effectiveness of the formulations.

A solution for every skin problem

Celestetic is the right address for any skin concern you or your clients may have, both on the body and on the face. You can turn to us for anything.

For all budgets

We take your budget into account. We examine together how we can set up your project according to your financial possibilities.

Profitable equipment

With our equipment, you can be sure that your investment will pay off in no time. Because they work so well, your clients will love your treatments.

Personalized treatments

Thanks to the advanced settings of all machines, you can adjust them exactly according to the client's needs, wants, pain threshold and sensations.

Exceptional skin care

Exceptional skin care with effective active ingredients that have a real effect on the skin. Our products treat the heart of the skin problem.

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