Professional microneedling | 30 Oct 2023

Microneedling: Putting your Institute at the forefront of innovation

In an age of constant innovation in the world of beauty, microneedling has established itself as a revolutionary technique, acclaimed by professionals and customers alike. Known for its incredible results and relatively simple application, this method has rapidly become an integral part of treatment protocols in beauty salons around the world. Microneedling represents a real opportunity for your institute. How can you integrate it into your menu to meet the ever-increasing expectations of your customers?


1.     What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a non-invasive technique that uses a pen-like device with disposable heads fitted with microneedles to create tiny perforations in the skin's surface. This mechanical action activates the skin's natural repair process, stimulating collagen and elastin production. Studies show a 400% increase in collagen and elastin after just four microneedling sessions spaced four weeks apart, demonstrating the effectiveness of this method.

2.     Why invest in a professional microneedler ? 

Unlike manual microneedling rollers, the automatic microneedler uses a motorized mechanism to propel the needles into the skin in a controlled and uniform manner. This precision ensures optimal needle penetration, minimizing pain and recovery time, while maximizing results. Professional devices also offer the option of adjusting needle depth and speed, enabling total personalization of treatment to suit each customer's specific needs.

Automatic microneedling is becoming the norm in high-end beauty salons, thanks to its precision and consistent results. Customers are becoming increasingly informed and are looking for treatments that are both effective and safe. By investing in a professional automatic microneedler, you are demonstrating your commitment to quality and innovation, values that will reinforce your customers' trust in your institute.

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3.     The beneficial effects of Microneedling

  1. Microneedling is reputed to stimulate collagen and elastin production, improving skin elasticity and firmness.
  2. It is effective in diminishing wrinkles and fine lines, reducing acne scars, fading pigmentation spots and improving overall skin texture.
  3. The treatment promotes better absorption of skin care products, making topical treatments more effective
  4. The use of automatic microneedlers can improve the appearance of the skin by more than 70%, depending on the number of sessions and the treatment protocol followed.

The popularity of microneedling continues to grow, with a 150% increase in procedures performed between 2011 and 2016 in France. This popularity is due to the visible results, the speed of the sessions (around 30 minutes) and the short recovery time required. Unlike other more invasive aesthetic procedures, microneedling is safe, effective and suitable for all skin types. What's more, its cost is relatively low compared with other procedures, making it accessible to a wider clientele. 

5.     How to integrate Microneedling into your Institute?

Integrating microneedling into your service offering requires an initial investment in equipment and training. It's essential to choose professional-quality equipment and ensure that your team is properly trained in its use. Proper training will not only guarantee safe and effective treatments, but will also help maximize results for your customers. Clear communication about the benefits and proven results of microneedling will encourage your customers to opt for this innovative solution.

6.     Optimizing results and customer satisfaction

To maximize the benefits of microneedling and ensure your customers' satisfaction, a personalized approach is essential. As each customer is unique, it's important to carefully assess their skin type, aesthetic concerns and goals before starting sessions. Propose adapted treatment protocols, and accompany your customers throughout their treatment journey, providing advice on post-procedure care and the products to use to optimize results. Such attention to customer well-being and results will help build customer loyalty and strengthen the reputation of your institute.

Microneedling has established itself as an essential technique in the world of beauty and aesthetics. Offering impressive results, rapid application and minimal recovery, it meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. By integrating microneedling into your range of services, you can confirm your institute's position as a benchmark for innovation and quality, while boosting your revenue potential. Seize the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and offer your customers the quality and results they're looking for with microneedling;

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