Training in anti-aging facial treatment

Celestetic Academy offers you a one-day training in the essential anti-aging techniques: hydro-dermabrasion, peeling, microneedling, LED or mesotherapy. Discover and try the latest non-invasive innovations used in facial treatments to offer your customers high-performance treatments with visible and long-lasting results, directly inspired by aesthetic medicine.

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One day (from 10AM to 5PM)
In Belgicastraat 9, 1930 Zaventem

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Master the 100% customizable facial treatment

Imagine being able to respond perfectly to the expectations and needs of each customer, while offering visible results as soon as he or she leaves the cabin ... This is possible by combining the technologies included in celestetic's Multi-Techniques Treatment:

  • Hydro microdermabrasion: deep cleansing and revitalization of the skin.
  • Peeling: with Peels 2.0
  • Microneedling 
  • Mesotherapy without needles
  • And finally photobiomodulation with LEDs

During this one-day training course, you will learn to master these different techniques and adapt them on a case-by-case basis, depending on your skin type and the problems to be treated.


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Course info

Theoretical part

You'll go back to the basics with a skinstudy, before looking at each product and each device in detail to find out how they work and their effects on the skin. You will understand the mechanisms that make these techniques extremely effective anti-aging solutions for all skin types, and that allow them to act on multiple skin indications.

Practical part

Time for practice! Learn how to master each device and use each product. Above all, you will learn how to adapt the treatment according to your case (skin color and type, problems to be treated, etc.).

Technical sales part

You now have the knowledge and know-how! You will then discover how to make the most of them to attract quality customers and retain them.
You will also be trained in techniques that will make it easier for you to sell cosmetic products after the treatment.

Degree acquisition

You then obtain a professional certificate that attests to your knowledge of each technique and product. Congratulations, you can now add 4 to 5 treatments to your treatment menu!

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