Professional training for permanent hair removal with diode laser

Latest innovation in aesthetics, permanent hair removal with laser diode is the effective solution against hair without pain or risk. All our training courses include a theoretical part, essential to understand the mechanisms and functioning of the technology used, and a practical part with the EpilPro. device from celestetic.

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One day (from 10AM to 5PM)
In Belgicastraat 9, 1930 Zaventem

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Learn the best technique for permanent hair removal

Practicing permanent hair removal with this technique without any risks will allow you to reach a very large clientele, attract new customers, and above all to build customer loyalty by offering packages (since a minimum of 6 sessions are required to get rid of hair on the same area).

The diode laser training provided by Celestetic Academy lasts one day. Our specialized trainer will allow you to understand the operation of the laser down to the last detail and to master its practice.

You will then take a proficiency test in order to obtain your professional certificate for the practice of permanent hair removal, issued by Celestetic Academy.


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Course info

Theoretical part

You'll go back to the basics with a skinstudy, before looking at each product and each device in detail to find out how they work and their effects on the skin. You will understand the mechanisms that make these techniques extremely effective anti-aging solutions for all skin types, and that allow them to act on multiple skin indications.

Practical part

After the lunch break, you will move on to practice the laser on a model or on another participant. You will also be able to test the laser yourself in order to feel the sensations and to know what your clients will feel. In this part that you will learn how to make the right adjustments and how to use the machine correctly for optimal results.

Technical sales part

Our trainer will try to provide you with the keys to your success! How to promote your care, how to attract new customers, how to position yourself in comparison to your competitors? What are the arguments to use to convince a client who has doubts about the effectiveness of the care? We will answer all these questions in the third part of this training.
For a more complete training on marketing and sales, we advise you to follow the "Sales Techniques" module of the Celestetic Academy.

Degree acquisition

At the end of the training you will receive a professional certificate attesting to your ability to practice permanent hair removal with the Diode Laser.

Skills acquired at the end of the training course
  • You know how to establish a personalized treatment plan
  • You know how to perform permanent laser hair removal on all recommended areas.
  • You know which settings to choose according to the cases encountered
  • You know how to convince your customers to subscribe to a permanent hair removal package.

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