Cryolipolysis professional training

Latest innovation in aesthetics, cryolipolysis is the idela solution for the treatment of the silhouette and localized fat deposites, without surgery and pain.

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Learn about Cryolipolysis in one day

Cryolipolysis has become THE method for slimming without cosmetic surgery. This technology is accessible not only to physicians but also to professional estheticians.

For you, there are multiple advantages : you offer your customers a treatment whose effectiveness has been proven and approved by numerous scientific studies, but you also optimize your profitability since it is a hands-free technology. During the treatment (which lasts 50 minutes), you can leave the cabin to perform other treatments.

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Course info

Theoretical part

The first part of the training consists of learning the theory. What are the basic principles of the device? How does it work? You learn everything about the indications and contraindications of the treatment, the mechanical and physical functioning of the technique and the follow-up and the working method.

You will then learn how the device itself works. All our training sessions are given on our equipment. For cryolipolysis, it is the IceSlim II.

You will learn which parameters to use according to the different cases you will encounter and which areas of the body can be treated. 
Finally, you will see how to set realistic expectations for your clients and how to establish a personalized treatment plan. 

Practical part

After a lunch break, you can practice the treatment with our IceSlim II device to apply what you learned in the theory part. 
No need to provide a model, we take care of everything! You will also be able to experience the treatment yourself in order to feel the sensations and to know what your clients will feel. 

Technical sales part

Our trainers will try to provide you with all the keys to your success! How to promote your treatment, how to attract new customers, how to position yourself in relation to your competitors? What are the arguments to use to convince a client who has doubts about the effectiveness of the treatment? We will answer all these questions in the third part of this training.

Degree acquisition

Celestetic is the first Belgian laboratory of medi-aesthetics. Our mission is to combine technological innovations with scientific advances in order to bring products to the market and professional solutions that are truly effective for the skin. Without false promises, without telling stories. With transparency and honesty.

Skills acquired at the end of the training course
  • You know how to analyze precisely the problems of your client and adapt yourself to his or her case.
  • You master the Neocure IceSlim II device and its settings
  • You know how to build a personalized treatment plan
  • You know how to convince your customers to subscribe to a cryolipolysis package

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