Professional devices for body treatments

Discover our selection of body treatment devices specifically designed for beauticians and other skin professionals.

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At Celestetic we develop devices and products specifically designed for use in Medi-Esthetics: a combination of classical aesthetics and the medical world. This modern approach focuses mainly on anti-aging. With the different techniques, devices and treatments, Celestetic tries to slow down the skin aging process through a series of non-surgical techniques.

The treatments are financially more affordable than surgical procedures, yet the results are equally stunning! These treatments can be performed by beauticians, physiotherapists, doctors or dermatologists. They enable visible and long-lasting results, positioning them as real alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

With the Celestetic and Neocure devices, you are guaranteed to get:

  • Visible results
    on your clients
  • Reliable devices
    and totally safe
  • Maximum ease of use
    for your clients and yourself
  • More passion
    while practicing your profession

Why Celestetic ?

Celestetic is the first Belgian medi-aesthetic laboratory. Our mission is to combine technological innovations with scientific progress so we can bring on the market truly effective professional products and solutions for the skin. Without fake promises, without telling stories. With transparency and honesty.

Product Quality
Ingredients effectiveness has been proven by science
Professional trainings
For you to get a perfect knowledge of the technologies
European standards compliance
equipment and products designed in accordance with European legislation
A long term and solid follow-up
We keep in touch with you in the long-term after your purchase