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Range of 7 C-EM serums

Professional serums for microneedling

A range of 7 professional serums developed for use with the latest needle-free mesotherapy technologies such as electroporation or microneedling.

They are highly dosed in hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients whose effectiveness on the skin is proven by science, and designed to meet the main concern of all beauticians: to offer their customers both visible and lasting results.

For high skin tolerance, C-EM are fragrance-free, paraben-free, PEG-free, alcohol-free and dye-free. They are manufactured in our pharmaceutical laboratory according to the quality standards ISO 91722: 2008, an extremely strict production standard for cosmetic products, which gives them exceptional purity and quality to carry out the treatment in complete safety.

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The range has been designed to allow you to personalize your treatments as much as possible. After having analyzed the client's skin, you choose the serum suited to her skin type and the problem to be treated.

  • Acne, oily skin and blackheads: C-EM Acne Clean
  • Deep wrinkles, scars, sagging skin and stretch marks: C-EM EGF Regen
  • Redness, sensitive and irritated skin: C-EM Sensitive Care
  • Light wrinkles, sagging, loss of firmness: C-EM BTX Effect
  • Dark spots, dull complexion, wrinkles, dryness: C-EM AOX Repair
  • Puffiness, dark circles, fine lines: C-EM Eye Perfect
  • Spots, uneven skin tone: C-EM Hyperpigment


C-EM sera can be used not only with the microneedling technique, but also with photobiomodulation (LED) and needle-free mesotherapy.
They allow you to practice zoning and treat a dozen problems on all skin types. They guarantee high skin tolerance. Your clients leave the treatment with visibly smoother, more luminous and plumped skin thanks to the high concentration of hyaluronic acid.

Analyze the client's skin before establishing a personalized treatment protocol.

This pack contains the following items

  • C-EM ACNE 40 ml / PF002445
  • C-EM AOX REPAIR - 40 ml / PFCA0595
  • C-EM BTX EFFECT - 40 ml / PFCA0594
  • C-EM EGF REGEN - 40 ml / PFCA0596
  • C-EM EyePerfect 40ML / PFCA0449
  • C-EM Sensitive - 40 ml / PF002444
  • C-EM-Hyperpigment 40 ML / PF002446

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