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Post-Care Biocellulose Mask

An ultra-hydrating and restorative biocellulose mask, made with natural fibers (created through a biotechnological method) infused into an ultra-rich formulation. This advanced mask is ideal for dry, sensitive and worked skin, as it delivers and seals in critical moisture to visibly improve skin's texture, smoothness and appearance.  

A unique formula in which more than 75% of the ingredients are "Active Principles", working together to hydrate , soothe and replenish the skin : a blend of natural extracts and ingredients derived from biotechnology, whose penetration is enhanced by a specific support system in biocellulose and thus bring beauty, health and radiance to the skin.

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Mechanism of action

This mask is specifically formulated to restore and soothe the skin barrier, giving skin everything it needs to look healthy, youthful and beautiful. Maintaining this skin barrier (the outermost layer of the skin) is crucial for the proper functioning of the skin: a damaged or diseased skin barrier is vulnerable to infections, irritants and allergens; dryness is frequently linked to an altered barrier function observed , for example, in sensitive skin, very dry skin or which has undergone skin alterations (laser, microneedling, peeling, treatment).  


  • dry and very dry skin;
  • skin with dryness, itching, roughness and discomfort;
  • sensitive skin;
  • altered conditions of the skin barrier (post peeling, post treatments, post laser, etc.);
  • skin with uneven texture and mature skin.

Highest quality organic biocellulose

  • Provides long-lasting hydration

  • Highly adhesive material, it's like a "second skin"

  • Bi-directional action: it ensures high effectiveness of the support, transferring the active ingredients into the skin and allowing the skin to breathe, eliminating surface impurities

  • Extremely thin but very durable

  • High tolerance and non-allergenic.

  • Developed for medical purposes

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Preserving the benefits and restoring the skin barrier requires the use of this post-care mask whose specific functional ingredients work together to:
  • REPLENISH the physiological dose of the skin's essential components -> i.e. trace elements, minerals, vitamins, etc. ;

  • PREVENT “TEWL” (Transepidermal Water Loss) and thus increase skin hydration -> HYALURONIC ACID (low molecular weight), NMF complex;

  • RESTORE the right balance of the skin's bacterial flora using a specific and clinically tested "PRO-BIOTIC LIKE" active ingredient

  • CALM and accelerate the recovery mechanism of the skin thanks to a specific peptide acting on the healing and repair of micro-injuries.



This product is particularly recommended for professionals, but can also be used by individuals.  

  • For professional treatments, it is THE ideal solution after AHA PEELINGS, microneedling, laser or any treatment for injured skin for immediate relief.
  • For individuals, we suggest you apply it twice a week.  

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