Bio Led

Phototherapy professional device

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Phototherapy, also called photostimulation or photobiomodulation, is a means of treating the skin using a light produced by an LED device (low-intensity laser) - a technique discovered in England in the 1950s. In the last 10 years, its use has quickly become popular in aesthetic medicine due to its many applications, good results and non-invasive nature.

Boost the effects of facials

Used at the end of a Multi-techniques treatment or alone in treatment, LEDs have 3 complementary actions. Not only do they allow you to focus on the problem being treated, to boost the effects of previous treatments, but also to minimise side effects (redness and post-peeling alopecia).

Like all Celestetic devices, the BioLED allows you to personalize your treatment according to your skin type and the problem to be treated.

Also, you will obtain excellent results on hair loss and alopecia, especially if you combine LEDs with microneedling.


No miracles, just science.

To be convinced of the effectiveness of an aesthetic technique, it is important to first understand how it works. The reason why our devices give such good results is because they have a real effect on the skin and its cells. With Celestetic's professional LED device, you can customize the treatment with different LED lights.

Blue LED

The blue light will have an anti-inflammatory effect on the sebaceous glands and an anti-microbial effect on the bacteria that colonize the skin. It is mainly used in the treatment of acne. It also acts against scars thanks to its purifying and healing effect on the dermis.


The red colour is the visible colour that penetrates deepest into the epidermis. It stimulates the fibroblasts and increases the production of collagen and elastin. It is most often used for its action on wrinkles, scars and stretch marks (white and red). It tightens the pores of the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

Infrared LED

It has an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and healing effect and stimulates cell repair. It penetrates into the dermis 4mm deep.

The advantages for you

  • Anti-ageing supplement, ideal for all facial therapy procedures
  • Ability to customize the treatment depending on the client needs

Benefits for your customers

  • Reduces post-peeling/radiofrequency redness by more than 65%
  • Soothes and quickly heals sunburns and burns
  • An effective tool for reducing stretch marks and scars
  • It reduces redness and chronic inflammation
  • A precious aid in improving alopecia and hair loss caused by all factors (stress, hormones etc

Prices you can practice

Calculate your potential sales

Suggested price for a session


Number of sessions for optimal results

between 10 and 12 sessions

Suggested price for a package

Care often offered as part of a package that includes other technologies

Conduct of a session

Duration of treatment

Between 10 and 20 minutes

Precautions before treatments

The skin must be clean and perfectly cleansed.


You personalize the treatment by choosing the LED color and the duration of the treatment.

Additional material required

Protective glasses (supplied with the unit)


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