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Summer body: what are the three forms of cellulite and how can you get rid of them?

Aqueous, adipose and fibrous cellulite all have their own characteristics. Learn to distinguish the three forms and take the necessary measures for each.

  • Aqueous cellulite

    Every day, 20 liters of water are filtered by our cells. Derived from the Latin « aqua », aqueous cellulite takes its name from the phénomène of water retention which, by stagnating in the tissues, creates the appearance of cellulite, in cases of poor blood circulation and mainly lymphatic system dysfunction. Garged with water and toxins, tissues increasingly compress the lymphatic vessels, leading to swelling of certain limbs. Predominantly found on the legs, stomach and inner arms, this type of cellulite, characterized by small bumps called capitons, is also synonymous with poor blood circulation. Generally speaking, women of slim build are more affected by watery cellulite.

    Exercises to adopt

    To help the body eliminate the water that accumulates in the body and tissues, water and endurance sports are a good solution. These types of sport not only reduce the amount of water in the body by making you sweat, but also regulate venous and lymphatic circulation. Aquabike, aquagym or swimming will be your best allies for toning up your figure, while cycling and brisk walking will help improve blood circulation. Conversely, sports that exert great pressure on the veins, such as tennis or running, should be avoided.

    Sports that exert great pressure on the veins, such as tennis or running, should be avoided.

    Sports that exert great pressure on the veins, such as tennis or running, should be avoided.

    Foods à to favor and à to ban

    To reduce your water intake, drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water a day, preferably low-sodium water. On the plate, consider draining foods such as cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage and asparagus, and antioxidant-rich foods such as dried fruit, artichokes, peppers and pineapple. To stimulate blood circulation, add garlic and onions to your dishes, and don't forget citrus fruits to strengthen the impermeability of your tissues. Last but not least, avoid salt and alcohol so as not to ruin your efforts.

    Treatments to help

    Lymphatic drainage can be done via massage at a kiné, but also via machines at an aesthetic institute. By applying upward pressure, these massages release toxins and activate the body's natural drainage system. At Celestetic, the BodyPerfect device offers 3-dimensional lymphatic drainage via a suction mechanism - closely coupled with a lateral massage. The robotic palpper-roller is ideal for relieving heavy legs and combating localized fat deposits. Click ICI to learn more about this treatment !


    Adipose cellulite 

    Adipose cellulite results from weight gain and excess fat coming to rest on the hips, buttocks and thighs. This excess weight, which leads to poor blood and lymph circulation, hinders the natural elimination of toxins and fat stored in the body. As a result, the superficial layer of adipose tissue is filled with fat cells, which thicken the skin and give it a padded appearance. The good news is that this cellulite can be removed without too much effort!

    Exercises to adopt

    To burn off the fat stored in your limbs, you need to do strenuous exercise, such as walking, cycling or fitness, for more than 30 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, the body, in need of energy, will draw on persistent fats. By exercising several times a week, you'll gradually reduce cellulite and the orange-peel effect, while toning and smoothing your skin.

    Foods à to favor and à to ban

    Your diet should favor vegetables and fruit, fish, white meats, complementary cereals and omega-3-rich foods such as oily fish. Conversely, radically cut out all fried foods, industrial dishes and sugary drinks.

    Treatments to help you

    To help you achieve your goals, add a dietary supplement to your diet, such as Celestetic's Appetite Control, which will reduce your appetite and help you lose weight. To burn fat faster and increase your body's basic metabolism, you can also combine it with the nutraceutical Weight Control.

    For faster results, an anti-cellulite treatment will reduce the appearance of orange peel skin, break up dimpled skin, tone the skin and improve its elasticity. At Celestetic, the BodyPerfect device also features Radiofrequency technology, which uses heat to stimulate collagen production, tightening and smoothing the skin. The crème Ultra Slim anticellulite will also be the perfect complement to continue the à treatment at home by stimulating microcirculation, helping your body à brûler existing fat and évite the formation of new fat.

    Fibrous cellulite

    Extremely difficult to detect and treat, this type of cellulite is due to the hardening and shrinking of collagen around fat cells. Compressed in the tissues for years, these cells then form deep dimples on the buttocks, thighs and knees. Visible to the naked eye, fibrous cellulite dimples are hard to the touch and painful to manipulate. This type of cellulite is most often found in adult women, as they approach menopause. Even if this type of cellulite is the most complicated to remove, it is possible to reduce the dimpled skin effect by following these tips.


    The exercises to adopt

    This type of cellulite is the hardest to get rid of, so regular physical activity combining 30 minutes or more of cardio and strength training will help to melt away stored fat. In fact, endurance sports that allow for long, moderately intense activity, such as cycling, mountain biking and brisk walking, will draw energy from your reserves as they work to slim down your fat.

    Endurance sports that allow for long, moderately intense activity, such as cycling, mountain biking and brisk walking, will draw energy from your reserves as they work to slim down your fat.

    Endurance sports that allow for long, moderately intense activity, such as cycling, mountain biking and brisk walking, will draw energy from your reserves as they work to slim down your fat.

    Endurance sports that allow for long, moderately intense activity, such as cycling, mountain biking and brisk walking, will work to slim down your fat.

    Favorable and unfavorable foods

    As a real ally during your weight loss, a healthy, balanced diet is essential to help your body à regain a pretty figure and à shed cellulite. Avoid sugar, soda, fried, fatty and processed foods by taking a dietary supplement such as Appetite Control. Choose meals based on vegetables, fish and white meats, while drinking at least 1.5L of water a day.

    Treatments to help you

    To release the fat trapped in adipocytes and the fibrosis that forms in collagen, a healthy diet and regular physical activity will unfortunately not be enough to rid you of fibrous cellulite.

    You'll need to enlist the help of machines whose technology will effectively deacute your fatty clusters. Help yourself to the BodyPerfect-Ice Slim  combo: (1) by freezing and crystallizing fats, the Ice Slim, which uses the technique of cryolipolysis, will succeedà force the’bodyé to compose them. Click ICI to décover all the benefits of this device. Then, thanks to the Robotic Rollerball and the radio frequency, the BodyPerfect will help you à reinforce the results of Ice Slim, empty adipocytes of fat, stimulate collagène and the lymphatic system, to slim and smooth desired areas.

    To accompany this treatment, also consider using a fat-burning dietary supplement of the Weight Control from Celestetic, which will help you à lose weight and à refine your figure gently, as well as the firming cr Ultra Firm which will help you à smooth the skin's surface, strengthen your collagène locally, brûler existing fat and encourage microcirculation.

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