Our company

Celestetic is the first Belgian medi-aesthetic laboratory. Our mission is to combine technological innovations with scientific progress so we can bring on the market truly effective professional products and solutions for the skin. Without fake promises, without telling stories. With transparency and honesty.

Professional trainings

For you to get a perfect knowledge of the technologies

Product Quality

Ingredients effectiveness has been proven by science

A long term and solid follow-up

We keep in touch with you in the long-term after your purchase

European standards compliance

Equipment and products designed in accordance with European legislation

Professional training: for a perfect useof our devices and products and for optimal results for your customers, you receive a free and complete professional training after the purchase of a device.

Product quality: products composed of ingredients that have a real biological effect on the skin cells and whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven by independent studies.

Transparency: we indicate the quantity of each active ingredient contained in the product on the packaging, so you can see the potential of each formula.
Solid and qualitative follow-up: after your purchase, we regularly check on you to make sure that the use of our products and devices is going well, and that you get good results on your customers. With the purchase of a Neocure device, you get a two-year premium warranty, which includes transport, replacement of your machine and labour in case of repair.

Respect of European standards & regulations: all devices and products sold by celestetic professionnals are designed and manufactured in compliance with European laws and standards. Our products and devices are tested and controlled before being put on sale.

Our approach

The aesthetics market is saturated with tempting, but not very serious, even dangerous offers. In the midst of wacky gadgets and inventions, non-compliant and untested devices, products full of  irritating ingredients for the skin, celestetic wants to provide a reliable answer to the needs of beauty professionals.

This is why we have chosen medi-aesthetics: an approach that consists of acting on the signs of ageing and skin imperfections through a series of non-surgical and non-invasive techniques, all inspired by aesthetic medicine. These techniques (cryolipolysis, mesotherapy, microneedling ...) have been developed and studied as they have developed, and numerous independent scientific studies have proven their effectiveness.

We add to this the accompaniment and follow-up of our customers to ensure them a perfect use of these techniques, and visible results for their customers. 

Finally, a rigorous respect of the regulations in force in the European Union will allow you to use your device in complete safety, and to benefit from the constant improvement of our services for ever more quality.